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Laser 115.6 Turbo 115.6

Laser 115.6 Turbo
“Laser is extraordinary. It's helped me make my work more productive."
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An outstanding combination of power and comfort

A tractor conceived for incredible performance. The characteristics of this tractor speak for themselves: The 6 cylinder turbo engine (Stage 2) with electronic governor offers all the power you need combined with extraordinary reliability to let you work with complete peace of mind while minimising operating costs. A constant flow rate, high capacity hydraulic system, a transmission offering a top speed of 40 km/h, four wheel drive and disc brakes on all four wheels; matched by the impeccable comfort of a spacious, ergonomic and functional cab and the practicality of a high visibility roof. These are just some of the strengths of the Laser 115.6 Turbo.


Engines with state of the art technology.
Traditional engines benefiting from advanced technological solutions. An example of thisis an electronic engine governor that lets the driver save and recall engine speeds. The Laser 115.6 Turbo is equipped with a potent and flexible 6 cylinder engine that keeps on working tirelessly, delivering the constant torque necessary to take the unexpected load variations typical of field work easily in its stride. A turbocharger ensures impressive performance in any environment. All engine variants are compliant with Stage 2 emissions regulations. The unique configuration of the intake manifolds and combustion chamber work in concert with an extraordinary injection system, in which each cylinder is fed by its own individual injection pump. This, combined with very high operating pressures, ensures that fuel is delivered instantaneously to the cylinder. A 180 litre tank minimises the need for refuelling stops.
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The transmission of the Laser 115.6 Turbo lets the driver choose the ideal speed for any possible task.
The forced lubrication transmission lets the driver maintain the ideal speed for any job with total precision, from heavy duty ploughing and minimum tillage to forage harvesting and road transport. The hydrostatically operated clutch gives the driver total control over engagement. A choice of different transmission configurations is offered, all with a top speed of 40 km/h and a gearbox with 5 speeds, 3 ranges and a synchronised reverse shuttle operated simply and precisely from a single lever to give a total of 15FWD+15REV speeds. For jobs where minimum speeds as low as 0.4 km/h are needed, the 20FWD+20REV transmission with 4 ranges, 5 synchronised gears, a supercreeper gear and synchronised reverse shuttle operated from a single lever is the perfect choice.Safety is assured, whether in the field or on the road, by four hydrostatically operated wet disc brakes. When the terrain conditions in the field get particularly tough, both dual traction and the front and rear differential locks can be engaged quickly from an electrohydraulic control button. Laser 115.6 Turbo, a heavy duty tractor for working in even the toughest terrain conditions in the field.
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Hydraulics and PTO

A hydraulic system conceived specifically for this power class, in keeping with the traditions of the brand.
A hydraulic system is judged by its flow rate. The system on the Laser 115.6 Turbo is equipped with a 58 l/min that sends precisely the amount of oil needed to the lift and the distributors. A separate pump delivers oil to the steering system for smooth, effortless steering action. The two double acting steering rams are situated behind the front axle to ensure excellent protection against accidental impact. The sturdily built mechanically controlled lift has a maximum lifting capacity of 4700 kg; if necessary, this can be increased to 6200 kg with the addition of supplementary rams and reactive draft control implemented by a flexion bar connected to the lift arms. The 4/6 way hydraulic distributors extend the capabilities of the Laser 115.6 Turbo even further, optimising hydraulic flow usage and efficiency in the field.
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Cab and comfort

Extraordinary driver comfort.
Spaciousness is undoubtedly one of the many strengths of the cab of the Laser 115.6 Turbo. The cab is suspended on Silent-Blocks for superlative comfort when at work. Ergonomic controls situated on the right hand side of the driver minimise operator fatigue. The 4 narrow pillars also contribute to the superior comfort of the cab, making it possible to equip the tractor with an exhaust silencer mounted laterally on the pillar and the high visibility roof. The climate in the cab itself is just as comfortable, with a 4-speed ventilation system distributing air effectively throughout the interior via 18 directional vents and offered with optional air conditioning. For working at night, these tractors boast a classic lighting system layout with: 6 work lights - of which 2 on the front of the cab roof; 2 at the rear of the cab roof and 2 front lights at mid-height. The Laser 115.6 Turbo is also available as a cabless variant with safety roll bar.
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Technical Sheet

115.6 Turbo
Engine typeSDF Model 1000.6WT Tier2
Cylinders/Capacity6/6000 n°/cc
Power at rated speed85/115.6 kW/HP
Rated speed2350 rpm
Maximum power85/115.6 kW/HP
Air filterAir filter with dust ejector
Silenced exhaustwith vertical exhaust pipe
Engine speed at maximum power1400 rpm
Maximum torque477 Nm
Torque rise40%
Fuel tank capacity140+180 L.
TransmissionSDF T5050, Hydrostatically operated clutch
Forward speeds15 + 15; 20 + 20 with supercreeper gear
Maximum speed40 km/h
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKElectrohydraulically operated front and rear differential lock
Brakes and steering
Parking brakeMechanical
Trailer brakeHydraulic trailer braking valve (opt)
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumpStandard
Steering angle50°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftmechanical
Rear lift capacity4.700/6.200 Kg (std/opt)
Pump delivery58 L/min
Hydraulic distributors2/3 (std/opt) auxiliary rear mechanical distributors
PTO capacityP.T.O. 540/1000 (std) P.T.O. 540/540E/1000/1000E (opt)
PTO clutchOil-immersed multi-plate clutch
PTO engageElectro-hydraulic
CabMounted on silentblock, Pre-arrangement for radio and 4 speed ventilation with 18 air and heating outlets (std); Pneumatic seat suspension, passenger seat, air conditiong and high visibility roof (opt)
Air conditioningheating and air conditioning
Front tyres420/85R24
Rear tyres460/85R34
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2633 mm
Width min.-max.2.082 mm- 2.304 mm
Length4.102 mm
Cab height2.687 mm
Ground clearance475 mm



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