SDF Data Management
“Manage your agronomic data.”
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Central control element for Data Management.

The iMonitor3 is our machines' core element for the performance of several important functions. We have integrated the entire range of SDF Data Management's technology and applications on a single terminal, allowing you to work and manage your agronomic data.



We know it’s fundamental to always keep an overview of all work processes. As keeping documentation is becoming more and more important, the iMonitor3 helps you organise your data according to a very clear and simple structure. This ensures that the management of fields (including boundaries), guidelines and all tasks are accomplished in a coordinated manner. Thanks to our solutions, keeping relevant documentation is no longer a chore but an opportunity to improve work processes, in financial terms, too.



No matter if you’re a farmer, contractor or any other user – working with standard file formats is particularly important. It's a huge advantage: it makes data exchange between different end points very easy. The benefits are:

  • Import and export data for your guidance system
  • Manage your tasks to have an overview and insight into the data of work processes
  • You can complete your documentation and send it to any end point
  • Share data between other farmers or contractors

The iMonitor3 strictly works with open and standardised file formats, which guarantees the highest reliability:

  • shape: using this data format you can import and export field boundaries and application maps
  • ISO-XML: the iMonitor provides on demand ISOBUS TC-BAS functionality which ensures that the documentation is in ISO-XML data format. This includes all total values that are relevant to the activity performed. The benefit obtained is compatibility for sharing data, e.g. between a farm management system through the iMonitor or with other manufacturers and providers. Tasks can easily be imported to the task controller of the iMonitor3 and/or the finished documentation can be exported afterwards. Thanks to this standardised exchange format, you as a customer can decide which software product best suits your business. In combination with a corresponding software application you can share data with others:
    • Farm master data
    • Jobs (taskdata)
    • Field boundaries
    • Guidelines
    • Application maps

Note: some of these data require a GNSS- position, e.g. provided by one of our GNSS receivers.