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Functional and durable in every aspect.

Simple, intuitive and essential: Argon³ is the ideal choice to complete the equipment pool of medium to large farm, or as the main tractor for a smaller farm.
The multipurpose Argon³ offers outstanding versatility and is suitable for a wide variety of very different application, from light work in the open field to hay-making and cleaning cattle sheds.
Available as three models, with a 62, 72 or 75 hp engine, and 2 or 4 wheel drive variants, Argon³ is the optimum solution in terms of agility, manoeuvrability and compact wheelbase.


A truly tireless tractor.
The Argon³ is available with a choice of 3 or 4 cylinder SDF Series 1000 Euro III engines with simple turbo or turbo intercooler forced induction. The high performance engine, together with innovative technological solutions such as high pressure injection, makes the Argon³ a tractor that will keep on working for thousands of hours with low running costs and limited maintenance. Short injection lines of equal length translate to very short injection times for all cylinders, while the hydraulic tappets of the HRT system ensure optimum injection timing.
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Traction and speed tailored perfectly for every application.
The tough and efficient Argon3 is equipped with a 5 speed, 3 range synchromesh mechanical transmission with supercreeper gear and a synchronised power shuttle, for a total of 15+15 forward and reverse speeds. This means that the tractor can operate from a minimum speed of 0.29 Km/h to a maximum of 40 Km/h, adapting quickly and easily to a wide spectrum of applications: from low speed jobs with ditch digger and transplanting implements, to medium speed applications with sowing and mowing implements, hay tedders and hay side delivery rakes, and the rapid transport of materials. But the Argon3 also delivers outstanding traction. The 100% lockable front and rear differentials ensure maximum traction in all terrain conditions.
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Hydraulics and PTO

Hydraulics ready for any challenge.
With a 45 l/min pump and 4 and 6 way auxiliary distributors, the hydraulic system of the Argon³ is reliable and durable. An independent pump for the hydrostatic steering system ensures light, smooth steering action in all situations, for maximum productivity even at low engine speeds. And because the productivity of a tractor also depends on its ability to ensure optimum performance with a wide variety of utensils, the 2-speed PTO of the Argon³ satisfies even the most exacting expectations and delivers all the power needed even when using spading machine in clay rich soils, when hay-making, when working on gradients and when towing trailers with driven axles.
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Cab and comfort 

Comfort and simplicity
The functionality of the Argon³ is also reflected in the design of the hood, of the lights with special projector lens units, and of the details of the driving position. But that's not all: the under platform silencer, the suspended pedals, the ergonomically situated lateral levers and an instrument panel providing all the information necessary to keep the tractor under complete control embody the simplicity and intuitiveness of this tractor, contributing to its extraordinary manoeuvrability and to a level of comfort geared for maximum productivity. For the same reason, Same has also focused on keeping maintenance as simple as possible - so the single piece hood opens at the simple press of a button, and all the components of the engine are easily accessible.
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Technical Sheet

65 75 80
Engine type1000.3 WT E3 HRT 1000.3 WTI E3 HRT 1000.4 WTI E3 HRT
Cylinders/Capacity3/3000 no./cc 3/3000 no./cc 4/4000 no./cc
InjectionTurbo Turbo Intercooler Turbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed46,5/62 kW/HP 51,5/69 kW/HP 52,5/72 kW/HP
Rated speed2200 rpm
Air conditioningliquid-oil
Air filterdry whit safety cartridge
Silenced exhaustwith horizontal exhaust on the left side
Engine speed at maximum power1600 rpm
Maximum torque240 Nm 265 Nm 285 Nm
Torque rise22% 18% 19%
Fuel tank capacity70 L.
Transmissionmechanically operated
N� of speedsMechanical gearbox, 5 synchronized gears, 3 gear range
Forward speeds15
Reverse speeds15
Maximum speed40 km/h
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKmechanically operated
Brakes and steering
Typeon front and rear axles
Trailer brakehydraulic
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumpstandard
Steering angle55°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftmechanical
Rear lift capacity3000 kg (full travel at hicth ballc)
Pump delivery45 L/min
Hydraulic distributors4/6 ways
PTO clutchdry type (rear)
Speed540/540 ECO/SYNCRO rpm (rear)
PTO engagemechanical, indipendent (rear)
Telaio di sicurezzafoldable rops
On board instrumentationanalog
Suspensionmechanical adjustment
Rear tyres16.9 R30
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase1976 mm 1976 mm 2015 mm
Weight2800 kg 2800 kg 2900 kg
Track min-max1705-1840 mm (front/rear)
Width min.-max.1838-2325 mm
Length3315 mm 3315 mm 3445 mm
Cab height2455 mm
Ground clearance400 mm



Tractor Tractors