Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Effective and versatile, SAME tractors for the vineyard and fruit orchard strike the perfect balance between performance and compact dimensions

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Frutteto CVT S/V (Stage V) 90 | 95 | 100 | 105 | 115

Frutteto CVT S/V Stage V
SAME Frutteto CVT S/V: revolutionary tractors.
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SAME Frutteto CVT S/V tractors set new standards for the specialised category.

A specialist machine with solutions you'd expect in an open field tractor, which not only inherits the technology used in its bigger siblings but continues to evolve further, and SAME Frutteto CVT S and V tractors are all of this and more.


SAME Frutteto CVT S/V: uncompromised power.

Powered by the new Stage 5 compliant FARMotion 35 and 45 engines, the SAME Frutteto CVT combines performance with low operating costs and low emissions to perfection. The most powerful variant has 116 HP of power on tap at 2200 rpm - without even considering the power hike offered by the Overboost function, which makes an extra 10 HP of power available for road transport tasks at speeds above 10 km/h.

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CVT transmission: superlative efficiency in all working conditions.

The new continuously variable transmission equipping the SAME Frutteto CVT S and V delivers superlative performance at all times, in all terrain conditions and even on steep slopes. Intuitive and to simple use, this is the ideal transmission choice for the typical tasks of a fruit orchard and vineyard tractor. The CVT transmission combines the performance of a mechanical gearbox with the comfort of a hydrostatic system. The power and torque of the engine are transformed instantaneously into efficient and waste-free productivity, whatever the conditions.

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Hydraulics and PTO

All the hydraulic power you'll ever need, and more...

A premium hydraulic system has been created for SAME Frutteto CVT S and V tractors, with a load sensing pump capable of delivering 100 l/min of oil even in part throttle conditions. These tractors are available with up to five double acting rear electrohydraulic distributors and four mid mounted couplers, plus up to 3 hydraulic couplers duplicating the rear distributors to cater for even the most power-hungry hydraulic vineyard implements.

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A cab with extraordinary interior space but compact exterior dimensions.

The cab of the Frutteto CVT offers unprecedented space and comfort for a specialised tractor. The cab is a fully fledged control centre which puts the operator in complete control over all the functions of the machine, letting them working efficiently and in complete safety, for uncompromised productivity between the vines or in the orchard. All the main functions of the Frutteto CVT are accessible from rationally organised, easy to reach controls on the intuitive and ergonomic MaxCom multifunction armrest.

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Truly innovative front suspension

The already generous standard equipment of these tractors may be complemented with the ActiveDrive actively controlled independent front suspension system.

As an alternative to a conventional swinging front axle, Frutteto CVT S tractors are also available with a new hydropneumatic, independent front suspension system with active control. A dedicated electronic control unit adjusts the spring and damping rate for each individual wheel, resulting in a suspension system with extraordinarily effective dynamic behaviour that ensures outstanding precision in mechanised canopy management.

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Technical Sheet

90 95 100 105 115
Engine typeFARMotion 35 FARMotion 45 FARMotion 35 FARMotion 45 FARMotion45
Cylinders/Capacity3 4 3 4 4
InjectionCommon Rail, Turbo intercooler
Power at rated speed63.5/86 kW/HP 66.4/90 kW/HP 71.1/97 kW/HP 74/101 kW/HP 80.6/110 kW/HP
Rated speed2200 rpm
Maximum power67/91 kW/HP 70/95 kW/HP 75/102 kW/HP 78/106 kW/HP 85/116 (with Boost: 93/126) kW/HP
Engine speed at maximum power1600 rpm - engine speed at maximum torque
Maximum torque372 Nm 417 Nm 389 Nm 433 Nm 472 Nm
Fuel tank capacitystd: 75 (55 with front lift/PTO) l opt: 100 (80 with front lift/PTO) l
TransmissionCVT transmission with two automatic speed ranges (work/transport)
ShuttleHydraulic powershuttle with SenseClutch
N° of speedsn° 2 ranges / n°2+2 CruiseSpeed
Maximum speed40 km/h @ Economic engine revs
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKstd
Front AXLE suspensionopt
Brakes and steering
Braking action on all 4 wheelsstd
Parking brakeHydraulic Parking Brake (std)
Trailer brakeHydraulic trailer brake (opt)
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumpstd
Hydrostatic power steering with independent dual displacement pump (SDD)opt
Hydraulic System
Rear liftElectronically controlled
Rear lift capacity2600 kg
Pump deliveryLoad Sensing 100 l/min
Hydraulic distributorsup to 5 rear and 4 mid-mounted
Distributor controlElectronic
Front liftopt
Front lift capacity1500 kg
Front PTO speed3 speeds PTO (540 / 540E / 1000)
PTO engageelectrohydraulically engaged (front and rear PTO)
Cab4 Pillar cab with completely flat floor; Multi functional armrest MaxCom; High visibility front windscreen with liftable rear top roof; Cat. 4 roof; LED working lights availability.
Telaio di sicurezzaSteering column adjustment with pedal switch
On board instrumentationInfoCentrePro color HD display with Comfortip function
Air conditioningstd
SuspensionHydro Silent-Block cab suspension
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2086 mm 2216 mm 2086 mm 2216 mm 2216 mm
Weight3265 - 3865 kg 3320 - 3920 kg 3265 - 3865 kg 3320 - 3920 kg 3320 - 3920 kg
Width min.-max.1083 - 1517 mm
Length3760 mm 3890 mm 3760 mm 3890 mm 3890 mm
Cab height2520 mm
Max. effective load5000 kg



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