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SDF Fleet Management
“The connectivity solutions from SDF keep farmers connected and always at the centre of the action.”
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More connectivity.

Running a business often requires complex actions. SDF therefore wants to help farmers to optimise their operations and increase efficiency. The connectivity solutions from SDF keep farmers connected and always at the centre of the action. The digital connection between different end points allows significant productivity increases. Linking machines, the office and any other external sources simplifies work processes, allowing convenient management of relevant data. SDF Connected Farming Systems offers two modules for this which can be installed to suit the farmer’s requirements.


SDF FleetManagement Lite – more information about the machines

SDF Fleet Management Light offers an entry level for transmitting machine data to a mobile device in the simplest possible way. The BTM (Basic Telematic Module) transmits the telemetry data e.g. to a smartphone conveniently via Bluetooth. Information such as fuel consumption, utilisation and productivity can then be viewed conveniently in the app.


SDF FleetManagement Pro – online fleet monitoring

SDF Fleet Management Pro provides all important data of your machine at all times. The map view shows position and status of individual machines or an entire fleet in real time. The location history provides useful information. Farmers or contractors can also view all performance data of their machines, including fuel consumption, operating hours, engine utilisation or warning messages. On request, so-called virtual fences can be set up so a warning message is displayed if a machine leaves the defined area. This is based on the GPS position of the machine with the respective location progress.

Professional data transfer uses a Communication Telematic Module (CTM) with an integrated e-SIM Card over the Internet. In addition to the telemetry data, the module can also send other important information, e.g. task data from the iMonitor. Data are visible in a web browser e.g. on a computer.


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