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Krypton³ V 80

Krypton³ V
“Cultivating a vineyard is always a challenge. That's why you need a tractor that really knows what is doing.”
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Adaptability, strength and comfort in complete safety.

Boasting innovative style and performance, yet simple to use and comfortable to work with on a day to day basis, Krypton³ V tackles any type of terrain and job with ease, from working in the open field to specialised applications, such as vineyard tasks in particular.
This is why Krypton³ V offers a variety of configurations, offering highly specialised characteristics - especially in terms of the track chains - to answer the needs of specific working conditions. But that's not all: with its superb stability on gradients, minimal soil pressure, excellent traction on clay-rich terrain and compact dimensions (crucial when working between narrow rows), Krypton³ V is the perfect solution for applications demanding superior agility and manoeuvrability even in extreme conditions.
And in terms of design, the Krypton³ V is a modern crawler tractor, with rounded forms and a low profile for excellent front visibility and improved crop protection.


Fuel economy and the ability to keep on going: benefits that are hard to do without.

Boasting outstanding power and low emissions, the 3 cylinder SDF Euro III Series 1000 engines with turbo intercooler deliver excellent performance matched with impressive structural strength. These qualities make the Krypton³ V a tractor ideal for the heaviest duty applications, where its low noise contributes to superior comfort. But that's not all: The electronic engine control system ensures responsiveness and reliability. The governor uses sensors to monitor all engine operating parameters, and optimises engine performance by modifying the injection timing.

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Toughness and precision without sacrificing manoeuvrability.

The versatility of the Krypton³ V is also evident in its transmission, which is available in two mechanical configurations with 8+8 and 12+8 speeds. The central clutch, with a generous 13" plate diameter and oil radiator, ensures sturdiness and durability, especially when working with high traction loads. And for maximum simplicity and manoeuvring precision, the steering clutches and the brakes are operated independently for each track chain with pedals.

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Hydraulics and PTO

Power with total peace of mind.

Krypton³ V is designed for efficiency on all fronts, and has two separate circuits with a tandem pump. One circuit is for the lift and auxiliary distributors, the other is for the brakes, steering clutches and the PTO, and also lubricates the transmission, which is crucial when working on steep slopes. But that's not all: the Krypton³ V is available with a 2 or 3 speed multiplate wet clutch PTO, an open-centre hydraulic system with a 42 + 18 l/min pump, and 6/8 way hydraulic distributors with flow deviator. Additionally, the mechanical rear lift is also available as a Heavy Duty version for heavy implements and high strain applications.

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Cab and comfort 

When working conditions are often difficult, comfort is not an optional extra.

When crawler tractors are an advantage, not a limitation. With a platform insulated completely from vibration, choosing the Krypton³ V doesn't mean doing without the comfort of a conventional wheeled tractor. The platform is mounted on four silent-blocks and the seat features mechanical or air-sprung suspension. And with intelligently organised controls on the instrument panel and functional, practical pedals and PTO servo-controls, this tractor offers a work environment geared to reducing stress and increasing productivity. Last but not least, the driver's seat is protected by a ROPS frame, which folds for practicality.

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Technical Sheet

[Version]Krypton³ V
Cylinders/Capacity3/3000 no./cc
InjectionTurbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed60/82 kW/HP
Rated speed2200 rpm
Maximum power60/82 kW/HP
Air conditioningliquid-oil
Air filterdry type with safety element and dust unloader
Silenced exhaustwith side exhaust under footstep
Engine speed at maximum power1600 rpm
Maximum torque310 Nm
Torque rise15,8%
Fuel tank capacity73 L.
Transmissiondry, single-plate
N° of speeds4-speed, mechanical shift synchromesh gearbox with 2 ranges + Underdrive (minimum speed: 1.33 km/h)/4-speed, mechanical shift synchromesh gearbox with 2 ranges + creeper (minimum speed: 0.61 km/h)
Forward speeds8/12
Reverse speeds8/8
Brakes and steering
Typeoil-immersed multi-disc with hydrostatic servo
Boost Brakeoil-immersed band type with hydraulic servo
Hydraulic System
Rear liftmechanical with draft, position and mix control
Rear lift capacity2500 kg
Pump delivery42+18 L. with dual pump
Hydraulic distributors6/8 ways with flow control, duplicated at front
PTO clutchdry single-plate (rear)
Speed540-540 ECO-1000 rpm (rear)
PTO engagemechanical (rear)
Telaio di sicurezzafolding
On board instrumentationanalog
Suspensionmechanically adjustable with seat belt/air suspension with seat belt
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase1410 mm
Weight3160 kg
Track min-max900 mm
Width min.-max.1180 mm
Length3065 mm
Cab height(instrument panel) 1212 mm
Ground clearance232 mm


A wide choice of versions to cater for all possible needs - your needs.

C version

Grazie a Measuring just 1.18 metres in width, the C version of the Krypton³ V has been specifically conceived to work easily in the particularly tight inter-row spaces of the vineyard.larghezza di soli 1,18 metri, la versione C del Krypton³ V è pensata apposta per lavorare senza difficoltà negli spazi interfilari particolarmente ristretti dei vigneti.


N version

The compact N version of the Krypton³ V is a multifunctional tool with an ideal power to weight ratio.


M version

Ideal for hilly terrain and steep gradients, the M version of the Krypton³ V uses a track chain with the same cleat width as the N version, but has a wider platform and a longer wheelbase. With its low centre of gravity and long track footprint, the M version of the Krypton³ V goes where wheeled tractors cannot reach, and can also work in complete safety on 20% steeper gradients.


L version

For applications with less size constraints, while offering the same characteristics in terms of compact dimensions and performance, the L version of the Krypton³ V offers the benefits of a broader footprint, for greater traction and less slippage.





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