Agrosky Precision Agriculture

“There are times when manoeuvring precision isn't just important - it's crucial.”
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Guided by satellites

Conceived to offer satellite control functionality for tractors and implements, Agrosky is an advanced precision farming system which, when linked to the GPS satellite network, controls the tractor automatically to ensure the ideal balance between productivity and running costs.
By identifying the optimum route and taking direct control of the steering, Agrosky makes driving the tractor much simpler, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on the job and controlling the implements. Agrosky is specifically designed to ensure signal acquisition from all GPS satellites available, for high precision even in hilly or wooded areas.
Configurable upon ordering, Agrosky can easily be removed and installed in multiple tractors, so that you only need to purchase one system for your entire pool of equipment.


The unparalleled practicality of GPS
With high precision automatic satellite guided steering and three different satellite positioning modes, Agrosky maximises comfort and manoeuvrability. The system uses special solenoid valves in the steering system and an electric motor mounted directly on the steering wheel to keep the tractor always on the right track without manual steering adjustment from the driver to correct alignment errors. The operator simply needs to steer into the preselected row and leave the system to keep the tractor centred along perfectly parallel lines. The benefits? Up to 90% less overlap, translating to optimised production, constant work speed even in unfavourable conditions, such as night-time driving, in poor visibility caused by fog or dust, or in areas with no reference points.
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Information and data

The advantages of assisted driving
Through a LED bar indicator, a virtual route display and a clear, easy to read screen, Agrosky provides the driver with all the information needed to drive the tractor easily and precisely without losing sight of the information needed to control and monitor the efficiency of the implements used. The VG 25 (monitor with quick selection buttons) and VG 50 (iMonitor 2.0 8” touchscreen) systems offer three different user configurable driving modes, for working in any field of any shape, in addition to modes for predetermined standard field types.
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