SAME has been awarded two silver medals in the Agritechnica Innovations awards 2013.

Presented for the introduction of new developments which are judged to make advances in the operation of agricultural machinery, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR received the awards for the Hydraulic engine brake concept and the Automatic PTO speed change innovations which were introduced at Agritechnica 2013.

The Hydraulic engine brake concept consists in the tractor braking through energy dissipation by means of the hydraulic system. The use of the existing hydraulic system creates a modulated dissipative system, with electronic control and integrated in the vehicle functionalities. It is a simple, reliable and cost effective system that allows the vehicle control to increase during transport use.

The Automatic PTO speed change is a new PTO concept which works in combination with a CVT transmission and is designed to reduce fuel consumption due to an automatic shift from normal to ECO mode. It is a completely automatic system which is able to make these operating changes through the continuous dialogue between engine, transmission and PTO.