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Technical Assistance

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In touch with even the most distant customer

A SAME tractor is backed up by a top class technical assistance service, provided by the dedicated, highly professional personnel of over 3,000 authorised dealers and service centres.
The extensive SAME network caters for your every need: from pre-sales negotiations and pre-delivery inspection to scheduled maintenance, to repairs and ensuring the rapid availability of original spare parts and a wide range of accessories.

And in addition to technical support manuals, operator instruction manuals and spare parts catalogues, all the technical documentation for every component of every single model is available from a single source or, if preferred, by accessing a dedicated online database.  

The SAME customer is unique.
Our sales and technical personnel will give you their undivided attention to solve any problem you may have. With us you can rely on a direct, personal relationship, because we're focused on you.
Our team is constantly put to the test to offer you the best
Our service personnel never stops studying: our technicians are highly trained, improve their skills continuously and work with dedication. They also periodically attend training and refresher courses held not only at the Treviglio and Lauingen Academies, but also at local training centres. This means that the staff of the SAME service network is always up to date with the continuing evolution of our products.

In touch with even the most distant customer.
Wherever your tractor is at work, you can always depend on a top class technical support service.
Our skilled professionals are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with dedication and passion.



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