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"I want a tractor that reflects the force of nature. As well as its beauty."
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Evolving is natural

What we harvest tomorrow depends on how we farm today. Virtus knows this.
Combining state of the art technology with proven reliability, Virtus tractors are a major asset for all farmers.
Farms, agricultural contractors and livestock breeders each have their own individual requirements. Virtus aims to meet all of these needs, with high performance engines, energy-saving hydraulics, comfortable cabs and a wide choice of accessories and versatile configurations.
Virtus tractors cut costs, maximise efficiency and are easy to operate.


"An engine that is reliable, powerful and respects the environment I work in: that's all I ask for."
The watchword is efficiency, even when working hard. The 4-cylinder Common Rail Deutz engine never lets you down. An electronic engine management system monitors and optimises all operating parameters in real time and ensures constant power and torque delivery, whatever the load or terrain. But that's not all: with EGR and DOC technology, Virtus engines also care for the environment and are specifically engineered to reduce emissions without sacrificing efficiency and fuel economy.
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"Normally, you'll only find a transmission like this in your dreams."
Modulating speed perfectly for the job in hand is no longer a problem with the 3-stage Powershift transmission. Lost traction is a thing of the past, and maximum productivity is ensured at all speeds with the Speed Matching system, which selects the ideal ratio for the prevailing conditions. And when you need to stop, a light touch on the instantly responsive pedal brings you smoothly to a standstill. The transmissions of these tractors even come equipped with a hydraulic reverse shuttle, which changes the direction of drive at all speeds and allows restarting after sudden stops, without using the clutch.
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"If the tractor I choose is agile and fuel efficient too, then I know I've made the right choice"
 The hydraulic system manages the tractor's resources so efficiently that only the quantity of fluid needed is actually used. There's also an innovative 60 l/min Energy-Saving «Eco» version, too, which reduces power loss by an impressive 2.7 hp. The electronically controlled rear lift is just as impressive, and offers unparalleled precision while being very simple to use. The SDD steering system is also light to use: with just a few turns from lock to lock puts you in total control, even when turning at the end of the field.
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Cab and comfort

"I've always been taught that working the land takes continuous care, attention and respect. I've found out that it can also be done with style"
Comfort counts and looks are also important. A design that is as elegant as it is functional in not just an optional extra, and Giugiaro has certainly done a great job: with innovative, elegant lines to complement the power you demand from a tractor of this calibre. Features include: a low engine cowl line for optimum visibility and an ergonomically designed dashboard to make the most frequent operations easier, with the SDS sequence memory system. Last but not least, the cab is available with mechanical or pneumatic suspension, for optimum damping in all terrain conditions.
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Technical Sheet

[Version]4WD 4WD/2WD 4WD 4WD
Engine typeDEUTZ TCD 3.6 L 04 TIER 4i
Cylinders/Capacity4 T I/3.620 no./cc
InjectionCommon Rail
Power at rated speed69,5/95 kW/HP 77/105 kW/HP 83/113 kW/HP 88/120 kW/HP
Rated speed2.200 rpm
Maximum power72,5/99 kW/HP 81/110 kW/HP 87/118 kW/HP 93/127 kW/HP
Engine speed at maximum power2.000 rpm
Maximum torque397 440 460 480 Nm
Torque rise32% 32% 30% 28%
Fuel tank capacity165 L.
Forward speeds10 + 10 (20+20 with underdrive and creeper) / 30 + 30 HML (60+60 HML with underdrive and creeper)
Maximum speed40 km/h - 40ECO - 50 km/h
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKstandard
Front AXLE suspensionoptional
Brakes and steering
Braking action on all 4 wheelsstandard
Boost Brakeoptional
Parking brakePark Brake
Trailer brakePneumatic or Hydraulic or Pneumatic+Hydraulic
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pump160cc
Hydrostatic power steering with independent dual displacement pump (SDD)125 cc (deactivated)/250 cc (activated)
Steering angle55°55°/65°55°55°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftElectronically controlled (standard)
Rear lift capacity4.650 Kg (standard) / 6.600 Kg (optional)
Pump delivery60 (standard) / 60 ECO (optional) / 90 (optional) L/min
Hydraulic distributors6/8/10/Power Beyond ways
Distributor controlMechanic (standard) / Elettroidraulico (optional)
Front liftIntegrated (optional)
Front lift capacity1.850 Kg
PTO clutchOil-immersed multi-disc (standard)
Speed540/540 E/1.000/1.000 E rpm
PTO engageElectro-hydraulically operated
Cab“Class E” cab with new interior consoles
Air conditioningoptional
SuspensionMechanic or Pneumatic (optional)
Front tyres420/70R24 480/65R24 420/70R28 440/65R28
Rear tyres480/70R34 540/65R34 520/70R38 540/65R38
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2.430 mm 2.430/2.390 mm 2.440 mm 2.440 mm
Weight4.500 Kg 4.600 Kg 4.900 Kg 5.000 Kg
Cariageway min.-max.1.602-2.002 mm
Length4.270 mm
Cab height2.661 mm 2.655 mm 2.719 mm 2.705 mm
Max. effective load7.500 Kg 7.500/5.300 Kg 8.500 Kg 8.500 Kg

Equipped with two Long Life multiplate clutches, this shuttle allows direction inversion at any speed, reducing the time needed for manoeuvres and headland turns.

The innovative Stop&Go system works in conjunction with the Sense Clutch hydraulic reverse shuttle to improve controllability, letting the drive manoeuvre and stop the tractor without using the clutch.


A wide choice of versions to cater for all possible needs - your individual needs.


When cab comfort counts 

Feel at home even while you're working: soft materials, air conditioning, passenger seat and pneumatic cab suspension. On top of all this is the effortless Power Brake system, the stability and comfort offered by the sprung front axle, and a user-friendly PTO for maximum productivity from any implement. Last but not least is the 3-stage Powershift transmission with Speed Matching function, which adjusts tractor speed to suit the needs of the job.



An all-round solution 

For those situations where you need the best of everything, and nothing is a minor detail: 5-speed, 4-range transmission with integrated underdrive and supercreeper gear, synchronised 4-speed PTO for maximum efficiency at work, high performance hydraulic system with 90 l/min pump, electrohydraulic distributors which deliver exactly the right amount of fluid and a 6,600 Kg lift.



Out of the ordinary 

There are times when only the best will do: 3-range Powershift transmission with underdrive and supercreeper gear, responsive, perfectly calibrated Power Brake braking system, innovative SDD steering system for extraordinary performance and effective, precise steering with just a few turns of the steering wheel; top class cab comfort, with mechanical suspension system to damp vibration even in the toughest terrain conditions.



The Virtus family at its best 

Created for those with a real passion for the extraordinary and for machinery with outstanding performance in every detail: from the Power Brake braking system to the comfort of the range-topping cab complete with air conditioning; from the 3-stage Powershift transmission with APS and Speed Matching, to the superlative hydraulic system with 90 l/min pump and electrohydraulic distributors. Last but not least, the instrument cluster and the lights panel contribute to an extremely pleasant driving experience.




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