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Solaris Stage III A
“Ideal for any job in the field. More functional than ever and the perfect answer to my needs.”
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Compact dimensions, superior comfort and outstanding versatility: a perfect combination for all applications in restricted spaces such as greenhouses and nurseries. This is why Solaris is the ideal tractor for the small farm, for intensive agriculture and for the hobby farmer. And with its platform with smaller 20" tyres, the Solaris is the ideal choice for low crops.
Stable and offering excellent traction even on gradients, Solaris is only small in appearance: and its technical characteristics, mechanicals and performance bear comparison with those of a full sized tractor. Indeed, from the open field to specialised applications, Solaris offers the greatest versatility in its power class (from 35 to 55 HP).


"When simplicity does not mean compromising."

Sudden changes in load are a reality that has to be taken into account, and the Solaris boasts an engine with an impressive torque curve and remarkable tractability, with enough power in reserve to respond to any necessity. And the 4 cylinder Mitsubishi engine powering the Solaris - with indirect injection and offered as turbo and naturally aspirated variants with outputs from 39 to 51 HP - is not only very quiet, but also produces very little vibration, for maximum comfort. Lastly, a highly effective cooling system and impressive autonomy make the Solaris a willing and dependable workmate.

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"Responsive, quick and perfectly at ease even in the tightest spaces."

With a sturdiness you'd only expect from a bigger tractor, Solaris can work in a wide variety of conditions. Its 12+12 speed synchronised transmission makes it quick and agile in manoeuvres. And with a top speed of 30 Km/h, Solaris even takes transfer and transport jobs in its stride. But that's not all: with an impressive steering angle of 57°, the front axle lets the Solaris manoeuvre nimbly even in the tightest space, while the hydrostatic steering system with 15 l/min pump ensures smooth steering action even at low engine speeds. Lastly, the Solaris is equipped with rear and front differential locks engaged simultaneously from a button on the steering column, while dual traction is engaged mechanically from a lever on the transmission tunnel right in front of the seat.

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Hydraulics and PTO

"When power meets lightness."

As versatile as the best all-purpose tractor, Solaris lets you choose the right implement for the job in hand. With a specific 30 l/min pump and 6-way hydraulic distributors for the 1,200 Kg, rear lift and a self-contained hydraulic circuit for the hydrostatic steering system, the Solaris remains light and nimble to manoeuvre even when carrying heavy loads. But that's not all. The Solaris offers a choice of different PTO configurations, with the 2 operating speeds of the PTO easily selectable from a lever on the control panel. Last but not least, a 600 Kg capacity front lift is also available to further enhance the versatility of this small but powerful tractor.

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Cab and comfort 

"Sometimes, greatness comes from being small."

Size is often not the most important factor. Solaris embodies the essence of this concept, offering surprising comfort in spite of its smaller stature. An excellent example of this is how the low vibration and quietness of the tunnel platform make working comfortable even after many hours in the seat. The layout of the spacious and ergonomic driver area is designed to keep all the main controls within easy reach, while the access step has a slip-proof surface for safety. The Solaris has an eye-catching design with soft, rounded forms, while the sloping engine hood ensures excellent visibility.

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Technical Sheet

35 45 55
Engine typeStage III A
Cylinders/Capacity4/1500 no./cc 4/1500 no./cc 4/1758 no./cc
InjectionNatural Turbo Turbo
Power at rated speed28,5/39 kW/HP 31,5/43 kW/HP 37/51 kW/HP
Rated speed3000 rpm
Air conditioningliquid
Air filterdry whit safety cartridge
Silenced exhaustwith lateral exhaust
Engine speed at maximum power1900 rpm 2100 rpm 2000 rpm
Maximum torque85 Nm 105 Nm 122 Nm
Fuel tank capacity28 L. (std)/15 L. (auxiliary opt)
Transmissionmechanically operated
Shuttlemechanical, synchronised
N° of speedsMechanical gearbox, 4 synchronised gears, 3 gear ranges (min. speed: 0.89 km/h)/Mechanical gearbox, 4 synchronised gears, 4 gear ranges with creeper (min. speed: 0,24 km/h)
Forward speeds12+12
Reverse speeds12/16
Maximum speed30 km/h
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKelectro-hydraulically operated
Brakes and steering
Typemechanically operated rear discs in oil bath
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumpstandard
Steering angle57°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftmechanical
Rear lift capacity1200 kg
Pump delivery30 L/min
Hydraulic distributors4/6 ways
Front liftoriginal integrated
Front lift capacity600 kg
PTO clutchmultiple discs in oil bath (front) / mechanically operated (ventral/rear)
Speed1000 rpm (front) / 2000 rpm (ventrale) / 540-540ECO rpm synchronized P.T.O. (rear)
PTO engagepush-button control (front)
Telaio di sicurezzafolding
On board instrumentationanalog
Suspensioncomplete with safety belt
Front tyres200/70R16 280/70R16 280/70R16
Rear tyres320/70R20 360/70R24 360/70R24
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase1745 mm
Weight1410-1620 kg 1487-1660 kg 1547-1720 kg
Track min-max1080-1196 mm (front)/1042-1132 mm (rear) 1070-1346 mm (front)/1032-1316 mm (rear) 1070-1346 mm (front)/1032-1316 mm (rear)
Width min.-max.1220-1360 mm 1360-1675 mm 1360-1675 mm
Length2950 mm 2980 mm 2980 mm
Cab height2135 mm 2195 mm 2195 mm
Ground clearance345 mm 390 mm 390 mm




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