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Dorado Natural Stage V
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Naturally a winner. 

Powered by new FARMotion 35 engines, the SAME Dorado Natural is the most versatile machine in its class. It's just as home working in the open field as it is in cramped spaces, such as in cow sheds. With effective technology, superior comfort and a wide choice of configurations, this perfect all-rounder is an ace up your sleeve.


An engine conceived for farming. In day to day use, the difference this makes is clear!

The Dorado Natural family is equipped with advanced 3 cylinder FARMotion 35 engines with power outputs from 66 to 102 HP. These are compact, reliable and efficient maintenance with minimal maintenance. 2,000 bar Common Rail injection and turbo-intercooler forced induction ensure outstanding performance, with practically constant power delivery over a wide range of engine speeds, impressive torque right from the bottom end of the rev rage and low fuel consumption. Thanks to electronically controlled external EGR exhaust gas recirculation combine with a DOC+DPF (70-80 models) or DOC+DPF+SCR (90-100 models), FARMotion 35 engines comply with Stage V emissions control regulations.

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The Dorado Natural lets you set the pace you need in the field.

For even greater versatility, efficiency and practicality, Dorado Natural tractors are offered with a choice of two transmission configurations. The standard variant is based on a 5 speed gearbox with 3 ranges and a reverse shuttle (for a total of 15+15 speeds), allowing the tractor to work at a ground speed of just 298 m/h at maximum engine speed in the lowest ratio available, and - at the other end of the spectrum (with overspeed) - permitting a top speed of 40 km/h at just 1,800 rpm (with 420/70 R30 tyres). An optional splitter, controlled from a lever situated conveniently under the steering wheel, doubles the number of forward speeds, increasing the total number of ratios available to 30+15. Other standard features on Dorado Natural tractors are electrohydraulically engaged all-wheel drive and front and rear differential locks.

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Hydraulics and PTO

Everything you need, and more.

For maximum productivity when working with implements, the Dorado Natural family is equipped with a 56 l/min pump which in addition to the lift, also delivers oil to the 6-way mechanically controlled rear distributors. For impeccably smooth steering action even at the lowest engine speeds, the steering circuit is fed by a dedicated, separate 20 l/min pump. The rear lift, with the legendary efficiency typical of a SAME mechanically controlled unit, has a maximum capacity of 3,500 kg. In addition is now available the EasyLift control that allows to raise and lower the implements using a single button on the consolle. The PTO offers up to 3 speeds (540/540 ECO/1000) and groundspeed function. The mechanically controlled PTO clutch may be engaged progressively from a manual lever.

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Top class comfort.

Painstaking design and development has given the Dorado Natural family a comfortable and ergonomic cab, with excellent all-round visibility, mechanically sprung (or, as an option, air sprung) seat suspension adjustable effectively for the weight of the driver, and intelligently organised controls. The new analogue/digital display moves together with the adjustable rake steering column to ensure that all the main operating parameters of the machine are clearly visible at all times. A panoramic roof is also available which significantly improves upward visibility, for even greater safety when working with overhead loads.

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Technical Sheet

[Version]Dorado NaturalDorado NaturalDorado NaturalDorado Natural
Engine typeFARMotion 35 Stage V
InjectionCommon Rail @ 2000 bar / Turbo intercooler
Power at rated speed48/65 kW/HP55,2/75 kW/HP63,5/86 kW/HP71,1/97 kW/HP
Rated speed2.200 RPM
Maximum power48,9/66 kW/HP55,8/76 kW/HP67/91 kW/HP75/102 kW/HP
Engine speed at maximum power2.200 RPM
Maximum torque297341372417
Torque rise16%28%35%35%
Fuel tank capacity90 l90 l 90 l (+12 l AdBlue) 90 l (+12 l AdBlue)
N� of speeds5 (15+15 std) / 5 (30+15 opt) with creeper
Maximum speed40 km/h ECO
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKstd
Brakes and steering
Braking action on all 4 wheelsstd
Trailer brakeHydraulic (opt.)
Steering angle55°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftMechanical (std) / EasyLift (opt)
Rear lift capacity2500 (STD) / 3500 (OPT) kg
Pump delivery48 l/min (std) / 56 l/min (opt)
Hydraulic distributors2 (std) / 3 (opt)
Distributor controlMechanical
Front PTO speed540-540ECO / 540-540ECO-1000
PTO clutchMechanical with lever
PTO engageMechanical
Cab4-post cab with a high visibility roof (as opt)
Air conditioningopt
SuspensionMechanical or Pneumatic
Front tyres280/85 R20"
Rear tyres380/85 R28"
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2100 mm
Weight3250 kg3250 kg3350 kg3350 kg
Width min.-max.1882 mm
Length3890 mm
Cab height2520 mm
Max. effective load5200 kg
Ground clearance335360360360

Optimised power curve usage, reduced consumption and improved driver comfort by maintaining lower engine speeds and using the engine at speeds close to maximum torque.

Hydraulic tappets for injection timing control. When the oil is cold, the tappets increase valve lift slightly to advance the injection timing: this ensures optimum efficiency as soon as the engine is started and eliminates white smoke.

Selective Catalytic Reduction. SCR is an exhaust gas after-treatment system which injects atomised urea into the exhaust to break harmful NOx compounds down into nitrogen (the major component of the atmosphere) and water vapour, which are completely harmless for the environment.

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. Oxidation catalyst which reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions produced by combustion.

The diesel particulate filter is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. In combination with an SCR system and an EGR the latest emission Stage can be achieved.

Transmission with a maximum speed of 40 KM/H. Depending on the model, a speed of up to 40 KM/H can be achieved at a reduced engine speed, which improves travel comfort and decreases fuel consumption, vibration, and noise.

A four-wheel drive provides the best traction, even in the most demanding terrain. The front-axle drive can be engaged automatically by the ASM function (if the tractor is equipped with ASM) or manually using a lever or buttons (depending on the model and equipment).



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