Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Effective and versatile, SAME tractors for the vineyard and fruit orchard strike the perfect balance between performance and compact dimensions

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Frutteto S/V ActiveDrive
"My vineyards are special! So I want a tractor that is worthy of them."
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Available as two different versions (LS and GS), and with a cab or with a suspended platform and front roll bar, the new SAME Frutteto S/V range introduces a first in the specialised tractor market - adaptive hydropneumatic independent front suspension. The SAME Frutteto S and V models are ideal for vineyards and orchards, or crops with unique characteristics. With a very tight turning circle, these new models are extraordinarily manoeuvrable; the combination of a hyper-modern engine and superior quality gearbox guarantees superb performance with reduced energy consumption, ensuring that operators can always find the right gear for every job. On top of all this are class-beating comfort and an ultra-modern design. The new Frutteto S and V range is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of today's specialised growers. In short - efficiency, agility and comfort. These are the key strengths of the SAME Frutteto S and V family, the result of SAME's extensive experience in the field and commitment to continuously develop and introduce significant improvements and technological innovation in its products.


Power and torque delivery tailored specifically for specialised crop applications.

With an optimal unitary cylinder capacity of 962 cm³ and available as 3 and 4 cylinder versions with power outputs up to 115 HP, the state of the art FARMotion engines make SAME Frutteto S/V tractors the most powerful in their class today. The more compact 3-cylinder version enhances the manoeuvrability of the machine, which the high-performance 4-cylinder versions maximises traction.

Compliance with Stage III B emissions regulations is attained with a DOC catalytic converter alone, which requires no maintenance or regeneration cycles performed by injecting additional fuel into the system. Electronically controlled Common Rail fuel injection improved torque and power delivery while also reducing fuel consumption. The most suitable engine speed for a given type of work can be memorised, and is then kept at a constant level even as the tractor load varies, offering precise and consistent operation and efficiency under all conditions.

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Modular, efficient and highly configurable.The best in the sector.

The extraordinarily versatile and efficient transmissions of the Frutteto S/V ActiveDrive family are the result of SAME's extensive experience in the specialised tractor sector.
The gearbox is based on 3 gears and 5 speed ranges, each offering a wide range of possibilities for configuration, increasing the versatility and the efficiency of the tractor. In addition to the super-creeper gear, these transmissions may also be equipped with a 3-speed Powershift unit and an electrohydraulic power shuttle. The configurations available range from a basic 30+15 speed fully mechanical transmission to Powershift transmissions 45+45 speeds and an electrohydraulic reverse shuttle.

The latter also comes with “Stop&Go” functionality, which increases the potential of the shuttle, above all in situations in which the tractor must remain stationary, when attaching equipment, or during uphill starts. Powershift variants allow for effortless gear shifts performed by pressing the Comfort Clutch button integrated on the gear lever instead of using the clutch pedal. The transmissions of Fruttetto S/V tractors also feature an upgraded version of the Overspeed function, which allows the tractor to attain a road speed of 40 km/h at an even lower and more economical engine speed than before.

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Hydraulic and PTO

Born to be the best in its class.

The hydraulic system is based on a 38+25 l/min double tandem pump, allowing the operator to choose from a range of options in accordance with working requirements. This ensures maximum versatility, both with regard to the number of distributors and the location of these: up to three at the rear, with a total of 6 couplers and flow regulator, while the centre of the tractor can be equipped with up to 4 belly couplers duplicating those at the rear, or 6 additional couplers (2 electro-hydraulic distributors plus one duplicate distributor) with separate flow control, controlled by the joystick.

The rear linkage boasts a capacity of up to 2,600 kg, and is also available in an electronically-controlled version; while a 1,500 Kg front lift is also offered, complete with a 1000 rpm front PTO. The rear PTO (with multiplate wet clutch) can operate at all four of the speeds typical of speciality tractors, namely 540/1000/540 ECO and synchronised, the latter of which is optional on the PTO. The product offering is completed by the electro-hydraulic control function which governs the rear lift stabilisers and tie-rod.

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Comfort unrivalled by anything else in the specialised tractor sector. You absolutely have to try it!

The new elements of this SAME design are immediately noticeable. The completely redesigned front and cowl are the results of a project to define the visual identity of the new Frutteto S/V family.
The structure remains slim and compact, with no sharp edges or corners on the hood or roof, ensuring safe, easy passage even between the most narrowly-spaced rows, without damaging the crop. This attention to detail also extends to the cab trim, with soundproofing and vibration damping materials used for unparalleled comfort. With only 4 pillars, the cab of the new SAME Frutteto S/V family is a new benchmark for the specialised tractor class.

All of the controls have been very carefully positioned, taking the most advanced principles of ergonomics into account, and are differentiated according the clear 'Color Line' logic.
With their superlative weight distribution, ideal balance between low centre of gravity and generous ground clearance and disc brakes on all 4 wheels, these tractors convey an immediate sense of safety, stability and complete control.

Cab versions feature a potent air conditioning system; while for complete safety when working with crop treatment products, the cab may be equipped with an optional pair of active carbon air filters, which are easily removable for quick, simple maintenance. An air suspension seat and Hi-Fi audio system are also available as optional extras. Versions with folding front roll-bar also come equipped with a suspended platform.

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Specialised Technology

High-Flow, Power-Flow, Setting-Flow and ActiveDrive.

An innovative hydraulic system with 3 selectable levels and a flow rate of up to 131 l/min To be competitive, the hydraulic system of a tractor must offer the following: generous, programmable flow rate; precise, rational distributor controls; an adequate number of couplers both at the rear and front of the tractor; the ability to merge multiple functions in a single controller and, above all, a modular design allowing the machine to be configured to meet the specific needs of the customer. SAME has stepped up to the challenge with the Frutteto and with three new specialised hydraulic systems: High-Flow, Power-Flow and Setting-Flow.

In addition to all this technology, Frutteto S/V tractors are now also equipped with ActiveDrive hydropneumatic independent front suspension with active control. A dedicated electronic control unit adjusts the spring and damping rate for each individual wheel, resulting in a suspension system with extraordinarily effective dynamic behaviour that ensures outstanding precision in mechanised canopy management.

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Machine of the Year 2017

SAME Frutteto S ActiveDrive: Machine of the Year 2017 in the specialised tractor class.

The prize was awarded on February 27 at the SIMA international show in Paris by a panel of journalists representing authoritative European magazines in the mechanised agriculture sector. This accolade comes after the “Best of Specialized” class win by SAME Frutteto S ActiveDrive during the 2016 Tractor of the Year awards.

Advanced technology and specialised capability: these are the two key strengths of the SAME Frutteto S ActiveDrive range. Tractors conceived to offer extraordinary agility and comfort even when working in the narrowest spaces between rows and on rough terrain.

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Technical Sheet

80 90 90.4 100 105 115
Engine typeFARMotion Stage III B
Cylinders/Capacity3/2887 no./cc3/2887 no./cc4/3849 no./cc3/2887 no./cc4/3849 no./cc4/3849 no./cc
InjectionTurbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed55.4/75 kW/HP61.5/83 kW/HP61.8/84 kW/HP67/91 kW/HP71.5/97 kW/HP79/107 kW/HP
Rated speed2200 rpm
Engine speed at maximum power80:1500 rpm; 90-90.4-100-105-115:1600 rpm
Maximum torque342 Nm354 Nm354 Nm369 Nm408 Nm435 Nm
Fuel tank capacity65 L. (with front lift + PTO/Active Drive)
ShuttleMechanical Synchronised / Hydraulic PowerShuttle with Stop&Go system
N° of speeds30 + 15 with underdrive and supercreeper gear (Mechanical gear) / 45 + 45 with underdrive and supercreeper gear (Powershift gear)
Brakes and steering
Braking action on all 4 wheelsStandard
Parking brakeindependent
Trailer brakeStandard
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pump26/45 L./min
Steering angle60° (4WD)
Hydraulic System
Rear liftMechanical (std) / Electronic (opt)
Rear lift capacity2 600 kg
Pump delivery54 (standard); 38+25 L/min (optional)
Hydraulic distributors3 Rear auxiliary hydraulic valve (max)/ 2+1 Mid mounted valve
Front liftopt
Front lift capacity1 500 kg
Speed540/540ECO (std) / 540/540ECO/1000 (opt) / 540/540ECO and Ground PTO (opt)
PTO engageElectrohydraulically engaged
CabSuspended on silent-block mounts, Ventilation and heating
Air conditioningOptional
Rear tyresS: 360/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20 S: 360/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20S: 380/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20S: 360/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20S: 420/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20S: 420/70 R24;V: 380/70 R20
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2050mm2050 mm2180 mm2050 mm2180 mm2180 mm
Width min.-max.S with ActiveDrive:1366-1367 mm; V with ActiveDrive: 1290-1293 mm
Length3289 mm3289 mm 3289 mm3959 mm3959 mm3959 mm
Cab heightS: 2296 mm; V:2271S: 2296 mm; V:2271S: 2296 mm; V:2271S: 2321 mm; V:2271 S: 2346 mm; V:2271S: 2346 mm; V:2271
Ground clearanceS/V: 233 mmS/V: 233 mmS: 243 mm; V: 233 mmS/V: 233 mmS: 273 mm; V: 233 mm S: 273 mm; V: 233 mm


Two different versions, to suit everyone.


When simplicity and efficiency make all the difference

In the LS versions too, the generous sizing of the synchronizers and the high-quality materials used (high-strength molybdenum steel gears and sintered bushings) allow increasingly precise gear selection , with "soft" gear lever action. A dedicated radiator keeps the gearbox oil at the optimum temperature, even in the most challenging conditions. With the Hi-Lo option, the operator can switch to under load creeper mode with the simple push of a button.



The ultimate in productivity

GS versions come as standard with the "Sense Clutch" hydraulic reverse shuttle, the convenient "Stop & Go" function, and the "Comfort Clutch" button integrated on the gear lever itself, which allows the operator to change gears without using the clutch pedal.

In particular, the "Stop & Go" function increases the potential of the hydraulic reverse shuttle, and allows the operator to manage the tractor's stops and starts using the brake pedals alone, without having to use the main clutch.  




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