SDF Fleet Management

SDF Fleet Management

SDF Fleet Management More connectivity.

SDF Fleet Management
“The connectivity solutions from SDF keep farmers connected and always at the centre of the action.”
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With the new Fleet Management application, SDF offers customised solutions to manage machines suitable to any use case. Our customers, such as farmers, contractors or other users, benefit from having a variety of valuable data available to them. SDF Fleet Management is the central interface for the viewing of SAME machines' telemetry data. In the SDF Fleet Management application, machine data are collected and can be used for further processes. This allows farmers, contractors and any other users to analyse, monitor and even optimise the usage of their machinery.

Call up machine data from anywhere at any time

As the application is browser-based, SDF Fleet Management allows you to access all important data from your machine at all times and from any location through your smart device. The map view shows the position and status of individual machines or of an entire fleet, and historical data can be accessed, too. You can also view performance data for all machines. On request, you can set up virtual fences to receive warnings if a machine leaves the area. SDF Fleet Management provides you with the following information:

  • Machine position and routes: both live and historical information
  • Fuel level and consumption
  • Speed and operating hours
  • Alarms
  • Service breaks

How do customers benefit by using Fleet Management?

  • Access and analyse real-time data from their machines, independently from their location
  • Optimise machine settings to reduce input or recourses
  • Locate the machines in order to better manage fleets and optimise logistics
  • Remote support from their dealer to minimise machine downtime

And the best of all: SDF offers one year Fleet Management's use for free! Contact your nearest dealer.

Your machine is ready – just enable and profit from your Fleet Management account:
Dorado CVT
Frutteto CVT
Frutteto CVT S/V

Other models can be retrofitted on demand.