SAME crawler tractors are the ideal workmate for the farmer who faces the challenges of nature day after day

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Krypton 115

SAME Krypton Stage V - Crawler
Stability, comfort and precision.
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SAME Krypton 115: unrivalled safety and performance, even in the most challenging conditions.

Alongside their modern, stylish design, the crawler tractors of the new SAME Krypton Stage V family deliver class-beating performance in terms of traction and stability, while two steering clutches controlled independently from two ergonomically placed levers ensure astonishing comfort and precision when manoeuvring. Boasting outstanding flotation even on the softest terrain, these tractors can get straight back to work even after the heaviest rain.


Advanced technology with economy in mind: for even better performance and lower fuel consumption.

Developed specifically for agriculture, the new FARMotion Stage V engines powering these machines make use of a suite of innovative technological solutions and the latest exhaust aftertreatment systems to minimise fuel consumption while delivering even more impressive performance in terms of torque, power and specific consumption. Despite a maximum engine speed of just 2200 rpm, the engine of the Krypton 115 reaches a peak power output of 116 HP at 2000 rpm and delivers a maximum torque of 472 Nm at 1400 rpm.

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Synchronised transmissions are a rarity on conventional crawlers; but for SAME, they're a tradition that's been kept up for decades.

A choice of two synchronised configurations is offered, with either a synchronised 4-speed, 2-range gearbox mated to a splitter (OverDrive) to offer 16+16 speeds, or with the same 4-speed, 2-range gearbox and a creeper gear, for a total of 12+12 speeds. The former is capable of working at ground speeds from 1.24 to 11.76 km/h at rated engine speed, while the latter can work within a range from 0.43 to 11.76 km/h. Both configurations are equipped with a multi-plate wet clutches with 13" discs and a radiator dedicated solely to cooling the transmission oil. A wheelbase of 1850 mm gives the innovative undercarriage with 6 track rollers extraordinary stability combined with astonishing draft capability.

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Hydraulic system

A potent, reliable and extremely user-friendly hydraulic system.

Boasting 50+25 l/min dual pumps, a choice of auxiliary distributor configurations from 6 to 10 ways and push-pull hydraulic quick couplers, the hydraulic system of the SAME Krypton 115 is dependable, durable and capable of meeting the needs of any task. Alongside the dedicated steering controls, the separate pump feeding oil exclusively to the steering clutches ensures unrivalled manoeuvring sensitivity, even at low engine speeds. The PTO, with a dedicated electrohydraulically operated multi-plate wet clutch, comes as standard with 540 and 540 ECO speed modes, while a variant with 540 and 1000 rpm modes is available as an option for optimised operation with any implement. The rear lift has an impressive lift capacity of 3170 kg.

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Top class comfort.

The driver zone has been almost totally redesigned to offer the same level of comfort you'd expect from a wheeled tractor. Four silent-block mounts isolate the platform effectively against vibration. The driver seat features mechanical suspension as standard, while a seat with pneumatic suspension is offered as an option. Other options include factory-fitted provisions for installation of an aftermarket cab and lubricated track chains, which reduce power absorption, wear and noise. The controls are organised into functional groups, while the steering clutch control levers feature an even more ergonomically correct new design. Also new is the instrument cluster with an anti-glare screen which ensures clear legibility even in bright ambient light conditions.

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Outstanding stability and traction.

Krypton 115 tractors are equipped as standard with 40-link track chains with a track shoe width of 450 mm mounted on a 6-roller undercarriage. These machines are also available with self-lubricating track chains which, as well as minimising power losses, also reduce noise and wear.

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Technical Sheet

Engine typeFARMotion 45
Cylinders/Capacity4/3849 no./cc
InjectionTurbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed80,6/110 kW/HP
Maximum power83/116 kW/HP
Maximum torque472Nm
Fuel tank capacity130 l
Shuttlemechanical, synchronised
N° of speeds4-speed, mechanical shift synchromesh gearbox with 2 ranges + Underdrive (minimum speed: 1.24 km/h/4-speed, mechanical shift synchromesh gearbox with 2 ranges + creeper (minimum speed: 0.43 km/h)
Brakes and steering
Typeoil-immersed multi-disc with hydrostatic servo
Braking action on all 4 wheelsoil-immersed multi-disc with hydrostatic servo
Hydraulic System
Rear liftmechanical with draft, position and mix control
Rear lift capacity2,800 kg
Pump delivery50 l/min
PTO clutchoil-immersed multi-disc (rear)
Speed540-540 ECO-1000 rpm (rear)
PTO engagehydraulic servo (rear)
Telaio di sicurezzawith 4 uprights/sunshade roof and 4 work lights
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase1,850 mm
Weight5350 kg
Width min.-max.1800 mm


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