SAME crawler tractors are the ideal workmate for the farmer who faces the challenges of nature day after day

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SAME Krypton M
"The only tractor in its class that's not afraid to go anywhere."
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The class-beating compact crawler for the open field and orchards

SAME Krypton M was specifically designed to work effectively even on challenging gradients. However, its extraordinary agility, superior flotation and innate capacity for heavy draft applications also make it an excellent solution for working in the field and in wide-spaced orchards, citrus growing or vineyards. Its modern design and outstanding operator comfort, even in the toughest conditions, also set it apart from the crowd.


An engine conceived for farming.

SAME Krypton M are driven by the new FARMotion engine generation, the FARMotion 45. These engines feature 2000 bar common rail injection, turbo-intercooled forced induction with wastegate and a viscostatic fan, and attain compliance with Stage V emissions regulations. The sloping and tapered bonnet allows outstanding front visibility, that can be appreciated when working with dozers or other front implements. The 95 litre tank - configured specifically to prevent fuel starvation even on very steep gradients - keeps you working uninterruptedly for longer. FARMotion 45 feature now an extended service intervals (600 h), reducing the maintenance costs.

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Up to 16 ratios to choose from between 0 and 12.5 Km/h.

Equipped with a synchronised reverse shuttle, the transmission of the Krypton M offers 12 or 16 forward and reverse speeds. The 12 speed variant includes a creeper gear for maximum productivity at very low ground speeds, while the intelligently spaced ratios of the 16 speed variant, which features OverDrive as standard, let the driver choose the ideal gear for any situation. The steering clutches and wet disc brakes ensure extraordinary precision and safety when manoeuvring.

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Hydraulic system

Two separate systems with tandem pumps.

Krypton M tractors are equipped with “push-pull” quick connect hydraulic couplers as standard to make connecting lines easier, even when the system is pressurised. The standard configuration has 6 rear couplers (while another 4 are available as an option) plus two front couplers duplicating two at the rear. The new hydraulic system consists of two separate circuits, each fed by a dedicated pump. The higher capacity pump (50 l/min) feeds oil to the 3170 Kg rear lift and the auxiliary distributors, while the smaller capacity (25 l/min) pump keeps the transmission lubricated and actuates the brakes, the steering clutches and the PTO clutch. The separate circuit ensures effortless, precise steering action in all conditions.

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The right equipment for every applications.

The PTO comes as standard with an interchangeable output flange shaft and a proportionally engaged electrohydraulic clutch. 540 rpm and 540 ECO speeds modes are standard, while a 1000 rpm speed mode is available as an option.

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Driving position

Class beating comfort.

For total operator comfort, the platform is mounted on Silent-Block, while a state of the art seat with effective mechanical suspension attenuates vibration transmitted from the chassis and powertrain. Safety frame is available in two configurations. 2-post foldable frame makes a thinner silhouette of the tractor making it perfect for the use in cramped spaces such as orchard or citrus growing; while the configuration with 4-post frame and wide tracks makes the Krypton M the ideal compact crawler tractor for open field applications. As per the other models of Krypton family, even the Krypton M is available with a cab prearrangement solution.

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Maximum stability and pulling capacity.

Krypton M may be equipped with 400 mm or 450 mm wide shoes. In both cases the 6-roller undercarriage provides exceptional stability. These machines are also available with self-lubricating track chains which, as well as minimising power losses, also reduce noise and wear.

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Technical Sheet

Krypton 105 M Krypton 115 M
Engine typeFARMotion 45
Cylinders/Capacity4/3849 no./cc
Power at rated speed74/101 kW/hp 80.6/110 kW/hp
Maximum power78/106 kW/hp 85/116 kW/hp
Maximum torque433 Nm 472 Nm
Fuel tank capacity95 L.
Hydraulic System
Rear lift capacity52+25
Cab2-post foldable safety frame
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase1850 mm
Weight5000-5225 kg
Width min.-max.1800 mm


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