SAME crawler tractors are the ideal workmate for the farmer who faces the challenges of nature day after day

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Krypton F 90-100

SAME Krypton F - Stage V
"Working effectively between hilly rows is no joke. That’s why I need a specialised tractor."
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Tough, compact and safe: a master of its own world

Designed to be unbeatable between the vines and with sturdy tracks for superlative flotation, stability and agility, the Krypton F Stage V offers broad choice of equipment to fit in every rows. Modern design combined with compactness and the efficient FARMotion 35 engine, also set it apart from the crowd.


A special engine for a special tractor.

Krypton F are equipped with FARMotion 35, which represents the latest evolution of FARMotion engines. The FARMotion 35 feature state of the art technological solutions, such as 2000 bar common rail injection, 7-hole injectors and a single ancillary belt with automatic tensioner for extraordinarily simple maintenance.

FARMotion 35 are even more efficient than the previous generation, featuring now a service interval extended to 600 working hours. All models of Krypton F family can run with HVO alternative fuel, which allows a CO2 emission reduction up to 90%.

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Sturdy, efficient and simple to use.

Equipped with a synchronised reverse shuttle, the transmission of the SAME Krypton F offers 12 or 16 forward and reverse speeds. The 12 speed variant features a creeper gear for maximum productivity at very low ground speeds, while the intelligently spaced ratios of the 16 speed variant, which features overdrive as standard, let the driver choose the ideal gear for any situation. The steering clutches and wet disc brakes ensure extraordinary precision and safety when manoeuvring.

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Hydraulic system

A complete hydraulic system to effectively work with all implements

The new hydraulic system consists of two separate circuits and a dual pump. The 50 l/min pump feeds oil to the 3170 Kg rear lift and the distributors, while the 25 l/min pump actuates the brakes, the steering clutches and the PTO clutch and keeps the transmission lubricated. This solution ensures effortless, precise steering action even with the engine at idle speed. Krypton F tractors are offered as standard with 6 rear couplers (while an additional 4 are available as an option), plus two mid-mounted couplers duplicated from the rear, for maximum productivity when working with pruner attachments, side shoot removers and post drivers. The “push-pull” quick connect hydraulic couplers make connecting lines easier than ever.

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The maximum levels of performance and efficiency.

The PTO, with both the universal 540 rpm speed mode and a 540 ECO mode, comes as standard with an interchangeable output flange shaft and an electrohydraulic multiplate wet clutch.

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Comfort and intelligent design.

For total operator comfort, the platform is suspended on Silent-Block mounts which damp vibration transmitted from the chassis and powertrain, while the modern seat is equipped with an effective mechanically sprung suspension system. On either sides of the seat are two new fuel tanks shaped specifically to prevent fuel starvation even when working on very steep gradients. SAME offers a set of underbonnet upgrades to permit an easy installation of an aftermarket cab, consisting of an increased capacity alternator, a compressor for air conditioning, lines for heating and an expanded electrical system with additional wiring harnesses for connecting to the cab.

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Even more comfort and protection against soil damage.

Three steel tracks configurations or ComfortTrack Version available on all models.
With a lowered driver position and the option of narrow tracks for a total width of just 1360 mm, Krypton F tractors are perfect for the fruit orchard and vineyard. These tractors may also be equipped with broader tracks or with ComfortTrack rubber tracks with steel cores, which have been specifically designed to minimise soil damage and maximise driver comfort. The ComfortTrack track chains cut noise and vibration even further, and allow the tractor to be driven on the road without fitting track pads. Featuring a 5-roller undercarriage which may be fitted with a choice of narrow or broad tracks for the optimum traction, stability and flotation for the specific task, these are the ideal machines for the toughest jobs between the rows.

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Technical Sheet

Krypton F Krypton F Krypton F
Engine typeFARMotion 35 FARMotion 35 FARMotion 35
Cylinders/Capacity4/3849 no./cc 4/3849 no./cc 4/3849 no./cc
Power at rated speed55.2/75 kW/hp 63.5/86kW/hp 71.1/97 kW/hp
Maximum power55.8/76 kW/hp 67/91 kW/hp 75/102 kW/hp
Maximum torque341 Nm 372 Nm 417 Nm
Fuel tank capacity95 L.
Hydraulic System
Pump delivery52+25
Cab2-post foldable safety frame
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase1650 mm
Weight4300-4600 kg


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