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Outstanding versatility and technology.  

The SAME Dorado CVT family was conceived specifically for total versatility. The extensive scope for configuration in terms of hydraulic system and choice of front axle and engine makes these tractors even more multifunctional than ever: Dorado CVT tractors deliver outstanding performance in typical utility tasks, but are also ideal workmates in fruit orchards and widely spaced vineyards. Top-class precision farming solutions are also on offer.


Born for farming. Reliable, with state of the art technology.

High pressure Common Rail injection (with injection pressures up to 2000 bar), 7-hole injectors, an electronically controlled viscostatic fan and the PowerCore air filter form an impressive package of solutions allowing FARMotion 45 engines to deliver superlative performance combined with excellent fuel economy. The range-topping model has a maximum power output of 116 HP in normal conditions, which is increased to 126 HP when Overboost mode is enabled. Developed specifically for agriculture, these engines deliver impressive torque and power even at low engine speeds. Compliance with Stage V emissions regulations has been attained with a suite of exhaust aftertreatment solutions (EAT) that has been integrated intelligently into the layout of the vehicle to maintain a tapered, sloped cowl profile.

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Outstanding seamless power delivery and simplicity of use.

With a modern continuously variable transmission developed entirely in-house by SDF, the Dorado CVT family sets a new benchmark for the utility tractor segment. As well as boasting an efficiency of over 90% in certain operating conditions, this transmission also includes the PowerZero function, which holds the machine in complete safety even on steep gradients, without the driver using the brake pedal. For maximum fuel efficiency when driving on roads, Dorado CVT tractors are capable of 40 km/h at an engine speed of just 1730 rpm.


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The hydraulic system of the Dorado CVT family may be configured with an 84 l/min pump or with a Load Sensing pump with an impressive capacity of 100 l/min on tap at an engine speed of just 1850 rpm. In addition to this is a secondary 42 l/min pump for the hydraulic steering and auxiliary utilities. Up to 10 rear couplers are available, plus an additional 4 belly couplers and 2 front couplers, while a free return coupler and electronic flow control are standard on all models. As well as an optional front lift, two different configurations for the 3-point linkage of the rear lift are available, while the rear lift comes as standard with electronic control and a system for damping implement oscillation when driving on roads.
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All the comforts of a high power tractor, and more…

In spite of their compact external size, Dorado CVT tractors offer class-beating levels of comfort, with a spacious flat-floored 4-pillar cab, air conditioning as standard, hydro-silent block can suspension, ergonomic MaxCom armrest and Bluetooth radio. Safety features are also top of the class: with all-wheel braking as standard and a choice of cab variants with category 4 filtration (suitable for use as PPE when working with protective crop treatments) and FOPS homologation for working with a front loader. On top of this is the revolutionary ActiveDrive semi-active independent suspension system which, with Anti-Dive and Anti-Roll functions, increases active safety, comfort and productivity.

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Technical Sheet

95 105 115
[Version]Dorado CVT
Engine typeFARMotion 45
InjectionCommon Rail / Turbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed66.4 kW/90 HP 74 kW/101 HP 80.6 kW/110 HP
Rated speed2200 giri/min
Maximum power70 kW/95 HP 78 kW/106 HP 85 kW/116 HP (93kW/126HP)
Air filterPowerCore
Engine speed at maximum power2000giri/min
Maximum torque389 433 472
Fuel tank capacity95 (115 opt)
Maximum speed40 km/h @ 1730 rpm
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKstd
Front AXLE suspensionopt
Brakes and steering
Braking action on all 4 wheelsstandard
Parking brakeHPB
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pump42 l/min
Hydrostatic power steering with independent dual displacement pump (SDD)opt
Hydraulic System
Rear lift capacity3660 kg / 4310 kg
Pump delivery84 l/min o Load Sensing 100 l/min
Front lift capacity2100 kg
Front PTO speed1000
On board instrumentationDisplay HD InfoCentrePro + Comfortip. iMonitor 8". MaxCom Armrest
Air conditioningstd
SuspensionHydro-Silent Block
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2271 mm
Weight4000 kg
Width min.-max.1745-2182 mm
Length2570 mm
Max. effective load5800 kg


An electronic system which automatically engages and disengages drive to the front wheels and the differential lock in relation to steering angle, speed and rear lift position (depending on model).


Steering double displacement. This is a dual rotor steering pump activated and deactivated using a button. A dedicated solenoid valve changes the displacement of the steering pump. This halves the number of steering wheel turns necessary to perform manoeuvres.

Cat 4 cabin

With Cat.4 filtration according to EN 15695 standards, the cab offers protection against dust, aerosols and vapours. This protection means that the cab qualifies as PPE. The driver can work safely without wearing additional masks and overalls during spraying.

Jolly Buttons

To the freely programmable buttons the operator can assign the power shuttle, the fast steering system, the rear lift, the hydraulic valves and even more functions. This makes the daily work intuitive and extremely comfortable.


Park brake for stopping the tractor and safely maintaining a stationary position in all gradient conditions. The park brake consists of a combined mechanical-hydraulic system which exerts a constant pressure on the rear brake discs. In addition, power losses up to 1.5 kW are eliminated, ensuring the lowest fuel consumption.


DTC stands for Differential Traction Control. This is an electronically controlled differential with an automatic, progressively engaged differential locking system. The front and rear differentials are capable of locking by up to 100% to prevent the wheels from slipping and maintain constant traction in varying grip conditions. The DTC significantly improves performance on the road and in the field.


The anti-dive system prevents the front suspension from diving and causing the centre of gravity to shift, to make braking significantly safer. The anti-roll function automatically adjusts the damping action of the suspension in relation to steering angle and speed, for superior stability and grip, especially when negotiating bends during use on the road.


XTEND allows the display area to be extended easily, with a tablet, for example. You can either display the guidance application or even fully control all ISOBUS-UT functions – with your tablet! It is a cost-efficient and user-friendly alternative solution to a second terminal.


Easy Steer is a feature of the steering orbitrol to decrease the manual steering movements of the driver. Once activated with a button on the armrest, four steps (from 0-4) can be adjusted via settings in the iMonitor. The benefits are quick turning manoeuvres in headland and added convenience for the driver.


The Auto-Turn feature allows automatic turns to be performed on the headland. You as the driver can decide which track to steer into. Different patterns are available – whether to skip lines or fill plots. Benefit from added convenience, decreased soil compaction on the headland and time saved!


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