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Open up to new possibilities. The price is on your side.

Let yourself be captivated by the power and versatility of the new SAME Explorer Natural. In an ever-evolving market, SAME once again distinguishes itself with its new range of tractors, designed to exceed your expectation. The new Explorer Natural range represents the new workhorse on your farm, standing out with its versatility and multifunctionality. The offering includes 4 different models, each designed to meet specific needs, with the right configurations and options you're looking for.

Developed with clear objectives of multifunctionality and efficiency, the Explorer Natural maximizes performance and reliability in every situation. Optimization of operator comfort has been a priority during the development, as we know that a pleasant working environment translates into better results in the field.

Higher safety, introducing higher standards to ensure your peace of mind while carrying out your activities. All at a quality-to-price ratio that will make you appreciate even more the extraordinary performance of the SAME Explorer Natural.


Born for agriculture

All models are powered by the reliable and popular FARMotion 45 engine. While the Explorer Natural 95 and 105 are equipped with a full EAT solution, including a SCR catalyst, the Explorer Natural 75 is equipped with a DOC+DPF, achieving Stage V compliance without requiring additional AdBlue.

Whichever model is chosen, all FARMotion 45 engines are specially designed for agricultural applications, offering optimal power and, thanks to its high capacity, torque in any working condition. And thanks to large 145-litre fuel tank capacities, the Explorer Natural has ample autonomy for extended workdays, eliminating the need for frequent refuelling stops.

As per the other SAME Stage V models, even Explorer Natural are officially certified for run with HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) fuel, allowing the farmers to reduce CO2 emissions in their agricultural activities.

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All the modularity you want

The proven and performing 5-gear transmission offers 20+20 or 40+40 gears, allowing the driver always to choose the right speed. It includes in the base variant already a creeper range which offers speeds from less than 400 m/h. Comfort and productivity at its best can be achieved by adding the hydraulic PowerShuttle and a 2-Step Powershift option. The PowerShuttle is ideal for front loader work, thanks to its Stop&Go and sense clutch -which offers 5 different responsive settings. It also includes the comfort clutch option, which lets the driver change the gear without the need of pushing the clutch pedal. Besides that, the 2-Step Powershift allows not only changing 2 speeds without torque interruption but also offers 40 kph at reduced engine rpm.

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Hydraulic system

High Efficiency

The new Explorer Natural models are offered with a hydraulic system adjusted to the demand in the utility segment. Thanks to the optimization of the complete layout (including pump, pipes and spool valves), the efficiency was increased to maximize the outcome. Two or three double-acting rear spool valves are available. For the front-end loader, two mid-mounted spool valves can be added. In addition to the main pump, an additional steering pump is installed, to ensure always an effortless steering. The new Explorer Natural models are also available with the EasyLift function, which allows lowering and raising the rear lift with its up to 4525 kg maximum capacity, by simply pressing a button.

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Controlling power has never been easier

The PTO, activated by a multidisc wet clutch group with electrohydraulic control, ensures reliable and seamless performance. With the dedicated button control, strategically positioned in the cabin and also available as an option on the rear fenders, you'll have full control with just a simple touch.

In addition to the standard mode at 540 rpm, we also offer the 540 ECO mode, optimized to reduce consumption and maximize efficiency. For those seeking maximum customization, the option of PTO synchronized with speed, regulated according to the forward speed, is available, thanks to the independent output shaft.

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Leading Efficiency and Safety

The new models of the SAME Explorer Natural series are designed with front and rear axles engineered to ensure exceptional strength and unmatched reliability. For comprehensive braking capability, the front axle comes equipped with multiple oil-immersed disc brakes as standard. Full locking 100%-differentials on both axles are electronically controlled. Additionally, the Explorer Natural models offer a wide range of agricultural tyres, which can be mounted on traditional adjustable rims or the revolutionary "Waffle" rims. The latter, with its innovative design, minimizes wheel vibrations during high-speed transfers.

A pneumatic trailer brake is available on request.

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TopVision evo: a comfortable cab with a modern design and just 4 pillars

The new 4-pillar cab of the Explorer Natural provides an outstanding 360-degree all-round visibility and is tailored for use with the front loader thanks to its high visibility FOPS roof. Day-long comfort is ensured with the already in base included Air-Conditioning, Radio and the Hydro Silent-Block cab suspension and can further be increased with a comfortable air-suspended seat as well as a light package, including up to 12 work-lights. All Explorer Natural models are equipped with the real 4-wheel braking system with multiple wet discs, providing greater safety both during transport and in the field.

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Technical Sheet

75 95 105 105 HD
Engine typeFARMotion 45
Cylinders/Capacity4/3849 n°/cc
Power at rated speed74 kW/HP 90 kW/HP 101 kW/HP 101 kW/HP
Maximum power75 kW/HP 95 kW/HP 106 kW/HP 106 kW/HP
Maximum torque359 Nm 389 Nm 433 Nm 433 Nm
Fuel tank capacity145 l
ShuttleMechanical or Hydraulic
N° of speeds20+20 Hi-Lo - 40+40 Hi-Lo
Maximum speed40 km/h
Brakes and steering
Braking action on all 4 wheelsSTD
Parking brakeSTD
Trailer brakeOPT
Hydraulic System
Rear lift capacity3600 kg (STD) - 4525 kg (OPT)
Pump delivery55 l/min
Front PTO speed540/540 ECO - 540/1000*via dealer
Air conditioningSTD
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2400 mm
Width min.-max.2051 - 2205 mm
Length4268 mm
Cab height2718 mm
Max. effective load7000 kg


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