ActiveDrive ®

"Independent-wheel front suspension and the most efficient engines in its class: SAME confirms its position as industry leader in the speciality tractor sector!"
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SAME expands its range with the Frutteto S/V ActiveDrive, equipped with independent front suspension.

The new adaptive hydro-pneumatic front suspension with independent arms characterises the new SAME Frutteto ActiveDrive, lending this machine advanced dynamic operation capacity, ensuring a level of driving comfort and stability both on road and in the field that to date has only been feasible with much higher-power tractors. The advanced electronic speed management system, the positioning of the suspension and the steering angle, which relies on a pair of hydraulic cylinders and 3 nitrogen accumulators, allows for optimal balance to be maintained at all times, regardless of the load on the front of the machine.

The control software also offers two additional functions, to improve the active safety of the machine: The "anti-dive" function prevents the front end of the tractor from dropping too far during braking, while the "anti-roll" function automatically adjusts the rigidity of the system, in order to optimise stability and adherence to the driving surface. Two different working profiles can be set: the "field" profile increases ground clearance whilst optimising the absorption of low-frequency vibrations, while with the "transport" profile, the front axle is lowered, increasing the rigidity of the suspension's response to knocks and bumps.