Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Effective and versatile, SAME tractors for the vineyard and fruit orchard strike the perfect balance between performance and compact dimensions

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Frutteto CVT
"It's the handiest, most powerful and most technological Frutteto model of all!"
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The Frutteto CVT revolutionises the current selection of specialised orchard and vineyard models, thanks to advanced technologies aimed at increasing productivity and ensuring optimum comfort in the cab. The new MaxCom armrest, the innovative CVT transmission, the new cab and the 100 l/min Load Sensing hydraulic pump are what make the work simpler and more professional.


Conceived specifically for farming.

Purposely designed for the agricultural sector, FARMotion stands out for its highly compact dimensions and exceptionally easy management, thanks to limited specific consumption levels and the optimum delivery of torque and power to suit every working need. Available in both 3- and 4-cylinder versions, FARMotion also boasts 2,000 bar Common Rail injection, a viscostatic cooling fan with electronic control, and conformity with Stage III B (obtained with just the DOC maintenance-free catalytic converter).

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The perfect combination of mechanical transmission efficiency and hydrostatic system comfort.

In addition to offering unrivalled comfort, the new CVT transmission also allows a top speed of 40km/h at low engine speeds, for significantly lower fuel costs during transfers. There is also the possibility of automatic front wheel drive enabling and PTO synchronised with forward movement. And you can now work without touching the clutch, gears, accelerator or brakes, using just the new joystick to control the machine, and a dedicated potentiometer to select the engine operating mode..

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Hydraulics and PTO

Powerful and versatile. Indisputably the best in its category for both configuration possibilities and performance.

Based on a top-performance 100 l/min Load Sensing pump, the new high-efficiency closed-centre hydraulic system offers significant fuel savings and the use of up to 10 electro-hydraulically controlled rear couplers, plus 8 belly couplers and an additional 3 high-flow couplers duplicating the rear distributors. As all the hydraulic functions are totally configurable from the new joystick, even the most complex hydraulic implements can be connected quickly, simply and intuitively.

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Comfort, configuration freedom and technology. To stay right at the top of the specialised category!

The operator at the heart of everything: that's the concept behind the design of the ultra-modern cab of the SAME Frutteto CVT tractors. Pioneering style, top comfort and unbeatable ergonomics can be found in every one of the many possible configurations and trims, to make the job less arduous and more productive.

With the new MaxCom armrest, all the functions are at your fingertips, so you can manage the machine and its attachments with the utmost simplicity. The new cabs come with a completely flat platform, specific mudguards for low or tall wheels, single-piece or openable high-visibility front glazing, and even with category 4 type-approval for work with crop treatment products.

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The already generous standard equipment of these tractors may be complemented with “ActiveDrive” and "ActiveSteer" technology.

As an alternative to a conventional swinging front axle, Frutteto CVT tractors are also available with the new ActiveDrive hydropneumatic, independent front suspension system with active control. A dedicated electronic control unit adjusts the spring and damping rate for each individual wheel, resulting in a suspension system with extraordinarily effective dynamic behaviour that ensures outstanding precision in mechanised canopy management. In addition to this, these tractors may also be equipped with the new ActiveSteer rear axle. Four wheel steering offers a significantly smaller turning circle than would be possible with a conventional machine, allowing these tractors to work effectively even in cramped conditions.

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Technical Sheet

90 100 90.4 105 115
[Version]Frutteto CVT Frutteto CVT Frutteto CVT Frutteto CVT Frutteto CVT
Engine typeFARMotion Stage III B
Cylinders/Capacity3 / 2.887 n°/cc 3 / 2.887 n°/cc 4/3.849 n°/cc 4/3.849 n°/cc 4/3.849 n°/cc
Injection2000 bar Common Rail - Turbo intercooler
Power at rated speed61,5/83 kW/HP
Rated speed2000 rpm
Maximum power65/88 kW/HP 71/97 kW/HP 65/88 kW/HP 75/102 kW/HP 83/113 kW/HP
Air conditioningwith e-Visco fan
Maximum torque354 Nm 369 Nm 354 Nm 408Nm 435 Nm
Fuel tank capacity85 l / 65 l (with front lift+PTO)
TransmissionSDF T3500 CVT transmission with two automatic speed ranges (work/transport)
ShuttleHydraulic reverse power shuttle with Sense Clutch
N° of speedsn° 2 ranges / n°2+2 CruiseSpeed
Maximum speed40 km/h @1650 rpm
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKstd
Brakes and steering
Braking action on all 4 wheelsstd
Parking brakeHydraulic Parking Brake (std)
Trailer brakeHydraulic trailer brake (opt)
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pump42 l/min
Hydrostatic power steering with independent dual displacement pump (SDD)opt - dual displacement pump SDD
Steering angle60°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftElectronically controlled
Rear lift capacity3800 kg
Pump deliveryLoad Sensing pump 100 l/min
Front liftopt
Front lift capacity1500 kg
Front PTO speed3 speeds PTO (540 / 540E / 1000)
PTO capacity1000
PTO engageelectrohydraulically engaged (front and rear PTO)
Cab4 Pillar cab with completely flat floor; Multi functional armrest MaxCom; Cat. 4 roof; High visibility front windscreen with liftable rear top roof; LED lights available.
Telaio di sicurezzaSteering column adjustment with pedal switch
On board instrumentationInfoCentrePro color HD display with Comfortip function
Air conditioningstd
SuspensionHydro Silent-Block cab suspension
Front tyres280/70R16 (282)280/70R16 (256)280/70R16 (256)280/70R16 (256)280/70R16 (256)
Rear tyres380/70R24 (375)380/70R24 (375)380/70R24 (375)380/70R24 (375)380/70R24 (375)
Dimensions and weights
Weight3600 Kg
Width min.-max.1538-1632mm
Cab height2420 - 2495mm2420 - 2495mm2420 - 2495mm2420 - 2495mm2420 - 2495mm
Ground clearance282mm282mm282mm282mm282mm

Hydraulic reverse shuttle with two multiplate wet clutches and an electronic control unit.

A system maximising the potential of the Sense Clutch shuttle for superlative manoeuvrability. Ideal for jobs involving frequent stops and starts.




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