Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Effective and versatile, SAME tractors for the vineyard and fruit orchard strike the perfect balance between performance and compact dimensions

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Explorer TB 105 | 115

Explorer TB Stage V
"It is unbeatable when working in tight spaces, and second to none on slopes."
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One of a kind thanks to its great agility.

SAME adds to its Explorer TB range, reiterating previous models' robustness, practicality, and extreme agility; the new additions now boast greater power and lower emissions, thanks to the cutting-edge FARMotion 45 engines. With a sleek, low-profile design, the Explorer TB Stage V range is the perfect companion for working in olive groves, low-density fruit orchards, and tunnel greenhouses, as well as on hilly and mountainous terrain, where the low centre of gravity and four-wheel braking system ensures optimal safety in all operating conditions.


"A maximum power output of up to 116 HP and a torque curve that is specifically designed for agricultural applications."

The new Explorer TB machines boast the latest generation FARMotion engines, which are both more powerful and cleaner than their predecessors. Indeed, the FARMotion 45 engines deliver an impressive maximum power output of 116 HP on the Explorer 115 TB whilst keeping fuel consumption down, courtesy of an extraordinary package of solutions designed specifically to render these engines more efficient: the turbocharger with intercooler and wastegate valve, plus the electronically controlled common rail of up to 2,000 bar. Stage V compliance is guaranteed, thanks to an SCR system that is combined with a DOC, EGR, and a DPF filter. The entire exhaust gas treatment system has been ingeniously integrated into the vehicle layout, so that it does not detract from the superb features of the Explorer TB range, such as compact hood dimensions and mudguards of a lower height.

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"Thanks to the superb modularity of the new machines, finding the most suitable gear is no longer an issue, and when driving on the road, savings are in the bag! "

The primary offering includes 5 gears across two ranges, with a synchronised shuttle (10+10 speeds), which can be further expanded with the supercreeper gear, with a 2-stage Powershift (20+20), or with both options (40+40). On request, the hydraulic PowerShuttle can be fitted, and in this instance - in keeping with SAME tradition - it incorporates the Stop&Go function (handy during work that calls for frequent stops and starts) and the ComfortClutch function, which enables gear changes to be made without using the clutch pedal. With regard to the tires (24" to 30" at the rear), the tractor can travel at 40 km/h with the engine running at less than 2,000 rpm.

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Hydraulics and PTO

"All PTO speeds available: the maximum for a medium-power tractor!"

The open-center hydraulic system is based on a 55 l/min pump (70 l/min optional), and up to three mechanically-controlled rear distributors. For maximum safety and smooth maneuvering even at low engine speeds, there is also a dedicated 35 l/min steering pump. The SDD functionality, which doubles the steering speed when carrying out maneuvers at low speeds, is available as an option. The rear lift, with the SAME mechanically-controlled unit - widely lauded for its precision and reliability - has a maximum capacity of 4,525 Kg. The rear PTO with modulated electro-hydraulic engagement as standard can be selected in 4 different configurations, up to and including the fully-equipped version (540, 540 ECO, 1,000, and 1,000 ECO), as well as the synchronized version on a dedicated shaft. As an option, the tractors can be fitted with a front PTO and front lift (2,100 kg).

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"A great feeling as soon as you settle into the driver's seat: for optimal working conditions right from the start."

The lowered driver's seat in the Explorer TB renders these tractors perfect for under-canopy work in olive groves and low-density fruit orchards. SAME's renowned "color coding" system enables the controls to be identified intuitively, immediately, and clearly, even by inexperienced operators. The platform is mounted on silent-blocks, to increase comfort on board. Should the vehicle overturn, two different types of structures protect the operator, both with two pillars; these can be folded down so that the tractor can be parked in even the lowest sheds.

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Technical Sheet

105 115
[Version]Explorer TB
Engine typeFARMotion 45 FARMotion 45
Cylinders/Capacity4/3849 n°/cc 4/3849 n°/cc
Injection2000 bar
Power at rated speed74/101 kW/HP 80.6/110 kW/HP
Maximum power78/106 kW/HP 85/116 kW/HP
Engine speed at maximum power2000 rpm
ShuttleMechanical o Powershuttle
N° of speeds10+10/20+20/40+40
Maximum speed40 km/h
Brakes and steering
Parking brakeMechanical
Trailer brakeOPT
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumpSTD
Hydrostatic power steering with independent dual displacement pump (SDD)OPT
Hydraulic System
Rear liftMachanical (std)
Rear lift capacity3600/4525 kg
Pump delivery55/70 l/min
Hydraulic distributors3
Front liftOPT
Front lift capacity2100 Kg
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2400 mm
Weight3600 kg
Max. effective load6400 kg


Steering double displacement. This is a dual rotor steering pump activated and deactivated using a button. A dedicated solenoid valve changes the displacement of the steering pump. This halves the number of steering wheel turns necessary to perform manoeuvres.


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