New SAME Museum Virtual Tour

A new way to visit the SAME Museum and the SDF Historical Archives is now available! 

Do you want to enjoy an immersive experience in the SAME Museum and the Historical Archives, located in Treviglio, Italy? Now, you can take a complete virtual tour, via desktop or mobile devices. 

The virtual tour offers an opportunity to admire some of the milestones in the evolution of Italian mechanised farming from 1927 to the 1980s, while the archive has a comprehensive collection of documents and technical material. 

You will be able to explore the museum in complete freedom, take a closer look at each element of the collection, and delve into its history via dedicated resources, such as technical sheets, historical flyers and videos.  

Wondering how to access the tour? You can access the Virtual Tour via link or by clicking on the player here below. Do you want to take the experience to the next level? Then, make sure to take your virtual reality headset with you!