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Designed to last

Simple, functional and extremely intuitive. These are just some of the strengths of the Tiger, a tractor created to be versatile and efficient and, above all, to respond to the different needs that the small farm contends with every day. But that's not all. And with a large selection of models to choose from, the Tiger is also the ideal solution to complete the existing equipment pool of the larger farm.
Offering excellent performance, reliability and low running costs on the one hand and a compact design and flexibility on the other the Tiger is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications, from working in the open field and hay-making to cleaning cattle sheds.

Engine and transmission

High productivity, low consumption
Powered by water cooled 3 or 4 cylinder SDF Tier I Series 1000 engines with simple turbo or turbo intercooler forced induction, the Tiger delivers excellent productivity in return for low fuel consumption. An injection system delivering fuel to the individual cylinders with very short injection times and at high pressure ensures compliance with Euro III legislation. The special configuration of the combustion chamber produces a high degree of swirl to mix the incoming air perfectly with the fuel and optimise combustion. But that's not all: another factor making the Tiger such an efficient and robust tractor is its synchromesh mechanical transmission with 12+3 speeds, for a top speed of 30 Km/h.
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Hydraulics, PTO and traction

Durability and safety: the prerequisites for toughness
The hydraulic system of the Tiger features a 33 or 45 l/min pump with 4/6 way auxiliary distributors, and an independent pump for the hydrostatic steering system, for light, smooth steering action at all times. The Tiger also offers a 3,000 Kg lift with three point linkage, for use with a wide range of implements. Another example of the versatility of this tractor is its 2-speed PTO, which is ideal for using spading machines on clay rich soils or for hay-making. The ideal weight distribution, low centre of gravity and high ground clearance of the Tiger make it an exceptionally safe and sure-footed tractor, while 100% lockable front and rear differentials maximise traction even further.
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Cab and comfort

Intelligently designed details and simplified maintenance
The style, lights and driver zone of the Tiger immediately reveal that this is a tractor that offers much more than the functionality expressed in the ergonomic layout of the levers and in an instrument panel designed to ensure clear visibility of all the instruments at all times. And with a single piece hood openable from a button on the front of the tractor, which allows access to all the mechanical and electronic components, the Tiger is also conceived to simplify regular maintenance.
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Technical Sheet

50 60 70 80.4
Engine type1000.3 W TIER I
Cylinders/Capacity3/3000 no./cc 3/3000 no./cc 3/3000 no./cc 4/4000 no./cc
InjectionNatural Natural Turbo Natural
Power at rated speed33/45 kW/HP 40.5/55 kW/HP 49.3/67 kW/HP 53.7/73 kW/HP
Rated speed2200 rpm 2200 rpm 2350 rpm 2350 rpm
Air conditioningliquid-oil
Air filteroil bath or dry withdouble element and cyclone prefilter
Silenced exhaustwith vertical exhaust on the left side
Engine speed at maximum power1400 rpm
Maximum torque169.9 Nm 185.4 Nm 261 Nm 270 Nm
Fuel tank capacity70 L.
Transmissionmechanically operated
Shuttlereverse shuttle mechanical
N° of speedsmechanical gearbox, 4 synchronised gears, 3 gear range/mechanical collar shift gearbox
Forward speeds12/8
Reverse speeds3/2
Maximum speed30 km/h
Brakes and steering
Typediscs in oil bath on rear axles (2WD), on front and rear axles (4WD), hydrostatically operated
Parking brakeindependent
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumphydrostatic/mechanical
Steering angle55°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftmechanical
Rear lift capacity3000 kg (full travel at hicth balls)
Pump delivery33 L. or 45 L. (Tiger 80.4)
Hydraulic distributors2/4 ways or 2/4/6 ways (Tiger 80.4)
PTO clutchdry type (rear)
Speed540-540 ECO rpm (rear)
PTO engagemechanical, independent (rear)
Telaio di sicurezzafoldable rops
On board instrumentationanalog
Suspensionmechanical adjustment
Rear tyres16.9R28 16.9R28 16.9R28 16.9R30
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2037 mm (2WD)/1975 mm (4WD) 2037 mm (2WD)/1975 mm (4WD) 2037 mm (2WD)/1975 mm (4WD) 2167 mm (2WD)/2105 mm (4WD)
Weight2160-2420 kg (2WD-4WD) 2160-2420 kg (2WD-4WD) 2160-2420 kg (2WD-4WD) 2560-2820 kg (2WD-4WD)
Carreggiata min-max1840 mm 1840 mm 1840 mm 1902 mm
Width min.-max.1969/2269 mm 1985/2285 mm 1985/2285 mm 1838/2325 mm
Length3315 mm 3315 mm 3315 mm 3445 mm
Cab height1544 mm (at steereing wheel) 1544 mm (at steereing wheel) 1544 mm (at steereing wheel) 1600 mm (at steereing wheel)
Ground clearance400 mm




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