Vineyards and orchards

Vineyards and orchards

Effective and versatile, SAME tractors for the vineyard and fruit orchard strike the perfect balance between performance and compact dimensions

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Frutteto³ Classic
“My farm is still small and only just starting out. I need a tractor tailor-made for me.”
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Compact dimensions and impressive performance.

Created for specialist applications and offered with a wide variety of implements, the Frutteto³ Classic is a functional tractor satisfying the need for practicality and simplicity typical of the small fruit farm or a fruit farm approaching mechanisation for the first time. And in spite of its outstanding performance, this is a tractor that will ensure a rapid return on the investment made.
Essential in every detail, the Frutteto³ Classic features a new single-piece hood and a lower driving position, and is extremely nimble and manoeuvrable.


When optimised performance is the key to durability.

Powered by 3 or 4 cylinder SDF Series 1000 Tier III engines with simple turbo or turbo intercooler forced induction and an electronic governor system, the Frutteto³ Classic is reliable and will stand up to the stress and strain of work for years to come. The engine features an innovative injection system with a single pump per cylinder, to deliver fuel instantaneously at very high injection pressures, optimising both performance and consumption. But that's not all. A button on the instrument panel saves and sets engine speed. This speed is then maintained by the electronic control unit, which continuously monitors and adjusts engine performance to ensure constant, uniform operation.

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Whether for transport or specialised applications, a transmission like this knows exactly what you need.

Optimised spacing between gear ratios for maximum productivity: this is the goal of the mechanical transmission of the Frutteto³ Classic, which has been engineered for efficiency. Combining the 5-speed synchronised mechanical with the underdrive gear and supercreeper gear increases the number of ratios available to 30+15. So while the Frutteto³ Classic can reach a top speed of 40 Km/h, shortening transfer and transport times, when equipped with the supercreeper gear it offers a choice of 10 speeds within a speed interval from 0.21 to 1.02 Km/h, making it the ideal choice for working with stone crusher or ditch digger implements. With integral braking and disc brakes on all 4 wheels, the Frutteto³ Classic also offers superlative active and passive safety.

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Hydraulics, axles and PTO

Class-beating manoeuvrability even in the most extreme conditions.

With a 60° steering angle, the Frutteto³ Classic is an extraordinarily manoeuvrable tractor. With its optimised chassis configuration and axles, and the design of the front mount and hood, the Frutteto³ Classic has been specifically conceived for maximum agility even in the most challenging conditions. But that's not all: the rear lift with a capacity of 3,000 Kg, which makes it possible to use very heavy implements, sets the Frutteto³ Classic way above any other tractor in its class. The PTO has also been conceived to make full use of all the power necessary, especially when using implements such as atomisers, side shoot removers and inter-row cultivators. The synchronised PTO, on the other hand, is ideal for transport applications on steep gradients and towing trailers with driven axles.

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Cab and comfort 

Designed for a comfortable, pleasant driving experience.

Comfort and space are also maximised in the design of the Frutteto³ Classic, with its uncluttered, roomy and comfortable driving area. The transmission levers are on the right hand side of the seat, so they do not hamper the driver climbing into and out of the seat. The suspended pedals and adjustable steering wheel ensure a perfect driving position, while special deflectors in clear polycarbonate protect the driver from dirt and noise, while offering an unimpeded view of the front wheels.

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Technical Sheet

60 70 80 80.4 90 100
Cylinders/Capacity3/3000 no./cc 3/3000 no./cc 3/3000 no./cc 4/4000 no./cc 4/4000 no./cc 4/4000 no./cc
InjectionTurbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed46/62 kW/HP 53/72 kW/HP 60/82 kW/HP 59/60 kW/HP 63/85 kW/HP 71/96 CV/kW kW/HP
Rated speed2200 rpm
Air conditioningliquid-oil
Air filterdry with safety cartridge and dust ejector
Silenced exhaustwith downswept exhaust under platform
Engine speed at maximum power1600 rpm
Maximum torque240 Nm 265 Nm 310 Nm 325 Nm 345 Nm 373 Nm
Fuel tank capacity55 L.
Transmissionmechanically operated
Shuttlemechanical, synchronised
N° of speedsMechanical gearbox, 5 synchronised gears, 2 gear ranges with underdrive (Min. speed: 1.33 km/h)/Mechanical gearbox, 5 syncronised gears, 2 gear ranges with underdrive and creeper (Min. speed: 0.21 km/h)
Forward speeds20/30
Reverse speeds10/15
Maximum speed40 km/h
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKmechanically operated
Brakes and steering
Typeoil-immersed discs, hydrostatically operated
Braking action on all 4 wheelsstandard
Parking brakeindipendent
Trailer brakehydraulic braking valve
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumpstandard
Steering angle60°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftmechanical
Rear lift capacity3000 kg
Pump delivery45 L/min
Hydraulic distributors4/6 ways
PTO clutchdry type (rear)
Speed540-540 ECO/540-540 ECO/540-540 ECO + synchro (posteriore)
PTO engagemechanical, indipendent (rear)
Telaio di sicurezzafixed/folding
On board instrumentationanalog
Suspensionmechanical adjustment with safety belt
Rear tyres360/70 R24 360/70 R24 380/70 R24 380/70 R24 380/70 R24 380/70 R24
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase1990 mm 1990 mm 1990 mm 2120 mm 2120 mm 2120 mm
Weight2250 kg 2400 kg 2400 kg 2630 kg 2650 kg 2650 kg
Track min-max1165-1442 mm (front)/1083-1652 mm (rear) 1165-1442 mm (front)/1083-1652 mm (rear) 1165-1442 mm (front)/1058-1608 mm (rear) 1165-1442 mm (front/rear) 1165-1442 mm (front/rear) 1165-1442 mm (front/rear)
Width min.-max.1443-2012 mm 1443-2012 mm 1478-1988 mm 1478-1988 mm 1478-1988 mm 1478-1988 mm
Length3186 mm 3186 mm 3208 mm 3338 mm 3338 mm 3338 mm
Cab height2228 mm 2228 mm 2250 mm 2380 mm 2380 mm 2380 mm
Ground clearance225 mm





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