ActiveSteer ®

"The first specialist tractor equipped with 4WS technology.".
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4-wheel steering technology.

Another first for tractors created to work in the vineyard and orchard. ActiveSteer technology allows the tractor to work in cramped conditions by offering significantly better manoeuvrability and a much tighter turning circle compared with a conventional machine but with no penalty in terms of track and wheelbase.

The new rear axle allows the rear wheels to steer up to an angle of 15°, while the position of the wheels is controlled by an electronic control unit offering the driver a choice of different operating modes. In "proportional" mode, the steering angle of the rear wheels is correlated to the steering angle of the front wheels, drastically reducing the turning circle without compromising the stability of the machine. In “crab” mode, which is particularly useful for working on lateral slopes or with trailers in confined spaces, steers the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels. In “delayed” mode, the rear wheels are steered proportionally with respect to the front wheels, but after a slight delay. This mode is particularly useful when towing trailers, as it allows the trailer to follow the tractor progressively without creating an excessively tight angle between the tractor and the trailer.

In addition to these three automated control modes, the steering angle of the rear wheels can be adjusted manually, and also locked at will to compensate for slipping downstream of the sloping rear axle or locked in a central position for road transport.


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