Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Effective and versatile, SAME tractors for the vineyard and fruit orchard strike the perfect balance between performance and compact dimensions

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The direct descendent of the highly successful SAME Frutteto range, the new Frutteto Natural Stage V family offers a choice of tractors conceived for unparalleled efficiency and reliability. The easy-to-use, the powerfule FARMotion 35 engines and the choice of standard or compact rear lift versions are just some of the standout features of this new family. The maximum level of configurability is ensured by the wide choice of transmission, available from 8+8 to 30+15 with mechanical splitter.


The new FARMotion Stage V engines are designed and built with class-beating technical characteristics, letting you be even more productive with less fuel than ever.

The new FARMotion 35 engines are turbo-intercooled and feature electronically controlled common rail fuel injection (with injection pressures up to 2000 Bar), to deliver extraordinary performance combined with impressive fuel economy. Maximum engine speed is just 2,200 rpm. In addition to this extraordinary fuel economy, compliance with Stage V emissions regulations has been achieved with a lightweight external cooled EGR system combined with a simple, maintenance-free DOC catalytic converter and a passive DPF that does not require the injection of additional fuel into the system or periodic AdBlue refills. The complete pack of Exhaust-After-Treatment is perfectly integrated with vehicle layout, ensuring the compact dimensions of the tractor, that are mandatory for orchard applications.

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Simple but comprehensive and configurable precisely to your needs.

With an extensive choice of transmissions based on gearboxes with 4 or 5 intelligently spaced speeds and matched with 2 or 3 ranges (and with an optional underdrive gear), Frutteto Natural Stage V tractors offer from 8+8 to 30+15 speeds, letting the driver find exactly the right ratio for any task in the field. For more practical transport and road usage, all transmission configurations offer a top speed of 40 Km/h.

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Hydraulic system and PTO

Reliable, efficient, potent and totally configurable.

A dedicated pump delivers oil exclusively to the hydraulic steering system for impeccably smooth steering even at the lowest engine speeds, while the rear lift and (4 to 6 way) rear hydraulic distributors are fed by a separate pump with a maximum flow rate of 42 l/min (or, as an option, 50 l/min). The rear lift offers the impressive lifting power and precision that only an SAC (Automatic Control Station) developed by SAME can ensure. In addition to the standard version, the rear lift is also available as compact version, which minimises the space needed to manoeuvre.

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Feel at home right from the very first moment. Incredible comfort, always!

For unparalleled simplicity, the rational driver's station features the tried and tested colour-coded control scheme, with controls organised in a functional, ergonomic layout around the driver, making them immediately and intuitively identifiable with no guesswork. The lower tunnel and simple and intuitive controls take the stress out of your daily work, while the practical digital display on the dashboard provides all the information the operator needs to keep everything under control.

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Technical Sheet

70 80
[Version]Frutteto Natural
Engine typeSDF FARMotion 35 Stage V
Cylinders/Capacity3/2887 n°/cc3/2887 n°/cc
InjectionCommon Rail 2000 bar
Power at rated speed48/65 kW/HP55.2/75 kW/HP
Rated speed2200
Maximum power48.9/66 kW/HP55.8/76 kW/HP
Engine speed at maximum power2000 rpm
Maximum torque297 Nm341 Nm
Fuel tank capacity65 l
TransmissionSDF mechanical
N° of speeds4 gears x 2 ranges (std)
Maximum speed40 km/h
Brakes and steering
Braking action on all 4 wheelsMechanically engaged 4WD (std)
Parking brakestd
Steering angle55°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftMechanical
Rear lift capacity3050 kg (std) / 2700 kg (compact)
Pump delivery42/50 l/min (std/opt.)
Hydraulic distributorsRear hydraulics valves: 2 (std) / 3 (opt)
PTO engageMechanically engaged rear PTO
Telaio di sicurezza2-post foldable ROPS
On board instrumentationDigital dashboard / Side gear levers / Rear working lamp
SuspensionPVC seat
Dimensions and weights
WeightTotal unladen weight (min.- max.) 2385 - 2685 kg
Width min.-max.1450 - 1642 mm
Cab height2189 mm
Max. effective load4200 kg



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