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“A new type of agriculture is coming and I want a tractor ready for it.”
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Manoeuverability and versatility are enhanced by the FARMotion engine 

Dorado, the versatile, compact tractor with great manoeuvrability, now has the new FARMotion engines, ready to take up the challenge of the agriculture of tomorrow. Particularly suitable for work in both the open field as well as confined spaces, ideal for all those jobs that require a high degree of safety and in hill or mountain work, Dorado offers state-of-the-art technology combined with superior comfort. Offering a variety of configurations, a choice of 2 or 4 wheel drive, this is a tractor catering for a wide range of different needs.


"I want to rely on an engine designed for my work."
The Dorado range now has the latest generation 3 or 4 cylinder FARMotion engines, specifically designed for agricultural use: that is compact, reliable, efficient and with minimal maintenance requirements. With a high pressure Common Rail injection system, they provide high performance, constant power and torque curves even at low rpm, with reduced fuel consumption. Moreover, the EGR external exhaust gas recirculation and DOC post treatment system makes the Dorado Tier4i compliant.The Dorado3 70 HP models with Tier3 engine is still part of the Dorado range.
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"Easy and safe handling simplifies any job."
Dorado offers different gearbox configurations to enhance its versatility, efficiency and ease of use: from the mechanical 30+15 gearbox to the 3-stage Powershift for a total 45 forward and reverse speeds. In addition, for greater handling safety and precision, all models are fitted with the Stop&Go system which allows the tractor to be stopped using the brake pedal only and to start off again smoothly without jerks. Also on the road handling is excellent thanks to the Overspeed solution that makes it possible to reach 40 km/h in ECO (economy) mode.
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Hydraulics and PTO

"I am looking for maximum efficiency, also in terms of cost."
To allow the best use of equipment, Dorado has a 54 l/min pump and three 6-way auxiliary distributors with flow regulator. The entire hydraulic system has been designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and versatility. The rear, electronically controlled lifter can support up to 3600 kg. The front lifter (with lifting capacity of 1750 kg) and front PTO at 1000 rpm are available on request.
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Cab and Comfort

"Comfort and good visibility, that's what I want."
Dorado stands out for its great comfort. The four-upright cab provides excellent visibility in all directions and a comfortable and ergonomic working environment. The driver's seat has air suspension to perfectly adapt to the weight and height of the driver and all the controls are at your fingertips.
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Technical Sheet

70 80 85 90 90.4 100.4
[Version]Dorado Dorado Dorado Dorado Dorado Dorado
Engine type1000.3 WT Tier III 1000.3 WT Tier III 1000.3 WT Tier III FARMotion Tier4i FARMotion Tier4i FARMotion Tier4i
Cylinders/Capacity3/3000 No./cc 3/3000 No./cc 4/4000 No./cc 3/2887 No./cc 4/3849 No./cc 4/3849 No./cc
InjectionTurbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed53/72 kW/hp 53/72 kW/hp 55/75 kW/hp 61,6/84 kW/hp 61,6/84 kW/hp 71,1/97 kW/hp
Rated speed2200 rpm
Maximum power53/72 kW/hp 60,3/82 kW/hp 62,5/85 kW/hp 65/88 kW/hp 65/88 kW/hp 75/102 kW/hp
Engine speed at maximum power2000 rpm
Maximum torque265 Nm 310 Nm 345 Nm 354 Nm 354 Nm 408 Nm
Fuel tank capacity100 L.
Transmissionmechanical / powershift
ShuttleMechanical Shuttle (LS) / Hydraulic reverse power shuttle (GS)
N° of speedsMechanical 30+15 / Powershift 45+45
Maximum speed40 km/h
Brakes and steering
TypeBraking system with wet brake discs
Braking action on all 4 wheelsSTD
Parking brakeindependent
Trailer brakeTrailer hydraulic braking valve
Steering angle55° (4WD)
Hydraulic System
Rear liftMechanical (STD) / Electronic (OPT)
Rear lift capacity3000 Kg (STD) / 3600 Kg (OPT)
Pump delivery54 L/min
Hydraulic distributors6 ways 6 ways 6 ways 6 ways 6 ways 6 ways
Front liftOPT
Front lift capacity1750 kg
SpeedSTD: 1000-540 / OPT: 540ECO-1000-Ground speed PTO
PTO engageElectrohydraulic
CabHigh visibility roof (OPT) / Suspension driver seat (STD)
Air conditioningOPT
Rear tyres420/70 R30
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2100 mm 2100 mm 2230-2270 mm 2100-2140 mm 2100-2140 mm 2230-2270 mm
Weight3200 Kg 3200 Kg 3300 Kg 3200 Kg 3300 Kg 3300 Kg
Cariageway min.-max.1560-1760 mm/1502-1800 mm 1560-1760 mm/1502-1700 mm 1560-1760 mm/1502-1700 mm 1560-1760 mm/1502-1700 mm 1560-1760 mm/1502-1700 mm 1466-1760 mm/1602-1698 mm
Width min.-max.1922-2220 mm 1982-2180 mm 1982-2180 mm 1982-2180 mm 1982-2180 mm 2142-2238 mm
Length3997 mm 3997 mm 4257 mm 3997 mm 4257 mm 4257 mm
Cab height2565 mm 2590 mm 2590 mm 2590 mm 2590 mm 2590 mm

The Overspeed function allows the tractor to be driven on the road at up to 40 Km/h at engine economy speed irrespective of tyre size, for reduced fuel consumption and improved comfort.

Equipped with two Long Life multiplate clutches, this shuttle allows direction inversion at any speed, reducing the time needed for manoeuvres and headland turns.

The innovative Stop&Go system works in conjunction with the Sense Clutch hydraulic reverse shuttle to improve controllability, letting the drive manoeuvre and stop the tractor without using the clutch.





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