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“Whether it's the first or one of many, I need to know that I can count on a tractor that never gives up.”
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Created to last, simple to use.

Essentiality is one of the major strengths of the Tiger, an ideal tractor for supplementing the existing equipment pool of a medium to large farm, or as the main tractor for a small farm.
Simple and intuitive, the versatile Tiger is capable of a wide variety of jobs, from hay-making and cleaning cattle sheds to working in the open field.
With its short wheelbase and available in two models from 62 to 72 hp, and with 2 or 4 wheel drive, this tractor epitomises agility and manoeuvrability.


An engine that doesn't know the meaning of fatigue.
Powered by SDF Series 1000 Euro III engines, the Tiger is an extremely durable tractor that remains inexpensive to run even after thousands of hours of use. The 3 cylinder variant, with simple turbo and turbo intercooler forced induction, is the perfect answer where high productivity is needed in return for low consumption. And with innovative high pressure injection technology, the Tiger also produces less emissions. But that's not all. The unique configuration of the combustion chamber, combined with the augmented swirl generated in the intake port for more efficient mixing between the air and diesel ensure optimised combustion.
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Tough and efficient. Designed to last.
The transmission of the Tiger is tough and efficient. This mechanical synchromesh unit ensures ideal gear spacing over an extended speed range with 12 forward speeds and 3 in reverse speeds, for a top speed of 30 Km/h. But that's not all. Perfect weight distribution, effective front wheel drive and high ground clearance mean that the Tiger delivers excellent productivity even when working with heavy implements. And to ensure maximum traction in all conditions, the front and rear differentials are 100% lockable.
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Hydraulics and PTO

“Reliability also depends on the hydraulics.”
With a 33 l/min pump and 2 and 4 way auxiliary distributors, the hydraulic system of the Tiger is just as durable as the rest of the tractor. What's more, the hydrostatic steering system has its own independent pump to ensure light, smooth steering action in all situations, for maximum productivity even at low engine speeds. And with a sturdy 3-point linkage, the hydraulic lift has an impressive capacity of 3,000 Kg, making it possible to use a wide variety of implements. The 2 speed PTO and synchronised PTO have also been designed for maximum productivity, delivering enough power to work with spading machine in clay rich soil, for hay-making and for towing driven axle trailers on gradients with harvest pick-ups, or driven-wheel manure spreaders.
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Cab and comfort 

"Functionality that you can see in the style."
In the well designed lines of its hood, its elegant headlights and in the attention to detail in the driving area, the Tiger stands out with a style all of its own. But functionality never takes second place, and remains the defining characteristics of a tractor with ergonomically situated lateral control levers and clearly visible instrumentation allowing the driver to read all the vital information needed to operate the machine at a glance. Last but not least, the Tiger also features an engine hood release button for simplified regular maintenance.  
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Technical Sheet

65 75
Engine type1000.3 WT E3 HRT
Cylinders/Capacity3/3000 no./cc
InjectionTurbo Turbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed46,5/62 kW/HP 54/72 kW/HP
Rated speed2200 rpm
Air conditioningliquid-oil
Air filterdry whit safety cartridge
Silenced exhaustwith horizontal exhaust on the left side
Engine speed at maximum power1600 rpm
Maximum torque240 Nm 265 Nm
Fuel tank capacity70 L.
Transmissionmechanically operated
N° of speedsMechanical gearbox, 5 synchronised gears, 3 gear range
Forward speeds12
Reverse speeds3
Maximum speed30 km/h
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKmechanically operated
Brakes and steering
Typeon front and rear axles
Trailer brakehydraulic
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumpstandard
Steering angle55°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftmechanical
Rear lift capacity3000 kg
Pump delivery33 L/min
Hydraulic distributors2/4 ways
PTO clutchdry type (rear)
Speed540/540 ECO rpm (rear)
PTO engagemechanical, indipendent (rear)
Telaio di sicurezzafoldable rops
On board instrumentationanalog
Suspensionmechanical adjustment
Rear tyres16.9 R28
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2037 mm (2WD)/1975 mm (4WD)
Weight2160 kg (2WD)/2420 kg (4WD)
Cariageway min.-max.1740 mm (2WD/front)/1750 mm (4WD/front)/1840 mm (2WD-4WD/rear)
Width min.-max.1969-2269 mm 1985-2285 mm
Length3315 mm
Cab height1506 mm
Ground clearance400 mm

The code HRT indicates engines with hydraulic tappets, which enable injection timing control for optimised efficiency even when the engine is still cold.



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