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“With such a variety of different jobs to do, I need a tractor that gives it all.”
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Efficiency and power without waste

Versatile, manoeuvrable, compact and capable of performing the most specific tasks, the Silver³ is a serious tractor engineered to cater for a wide variety of different needs and applications, from working in the open field to fast road transport.
With an excellent power to weight ratio, ideal weight distribution and technological solutions geared for optimised productivity, the Silver³ is a multipurpose tractor suitable for general farm duty and for crop management.
And with its supercreeper gear and a choice of 2 different transmissions, the Silver³ is also ideal for the farming contractor, for applications such as secondary tillage, weeding, fertilizing, precision sowing and hoeing, but also for hay-making and livestock farming tasks.


Superlative power and torque with low consumption and emissions
The new 4-cylinder Deutz Euro III Series 2012 a, with turbocharger forced induction and high pressure fuel injection, are designed specifically for agricultural use, meaning that the Silver³ delivers optimum performance and power with reduced fuel consumption. With plenty of torque to spare, the Silver³ has outstanding towing power, making it the ideal solution for more challenging work conditions. Last but not least, the innovative electronic engine control system continuously controls engine performance for constant productivity, optimised fuel consumption and improved responsiveness in all driving and load conditions.
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Having the right ratio for the job is crucial
With 5 speeds and 4 ranges, the three stage Powershift transmission controls the engagement and disengagement of its hydraulic clutches with extreme precision, for more effective oil delivery management and for quicker, smoother shifts between speeds offering maximised performance. The Silver³ is also equipped with the Over Speed function, allowing a road speed of up to 40 Km/h even at engine speeds under 1,900 rpm, for reduced fuel consumption especially during transport tasks. Last but not least, the responsiveness of the hydraulic reverse shuttle with Sense Clutch is automatically adjustable, making direction changes quicker and more effective, for faster end of field turns and improved productivity.  
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The perfect combination of economy, safety and versatility
The hydraulic system, brakes and PTO also contribute significantly to the impressive efficiency of the Silver³. A dedicated 58 l/min pump delivers oil exclusively to the hydraulic system and auxiliary distributors, to minimise power absorption. The PTO of the Silver³ is extremely versatile, and is available with 4 speeds in automatic or synchronised versions, making it easy to switch between any type of implement for optimised productivity and maximum economy. Last but not least, Silver³ tractors feature 100% lockable front and rear differentials for significantly improved traction even in the most challenging conditions.
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Cab and comfort 

So comfortable and functional that you could even take someone along with you
Comfort also comes first in the Silver³, with its 4 pillar cab, a wide door for safe, easy access and a spacious work area. The controls are rationally and functionally laid out on both the instrument panel and the armrest, which moves together with the seat so that it is always at hand. And with its glazed roof and additional windows in the floor, the Silver³ offers excellent visibility. The 4 speed ventilation system circulates air efficiently to significantly improve comfort through even the longest working day. And the folding seat next to the driver's seat means that a passenger can be taken along with the driver.
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Technical Sheet

100 110
Engine typeDeutz 2012 TIER III
Cylinders/Capacity4/4038 no./cc
InjectionTurbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed73/99 kW/HP 80/109 kW/HP
Rated speed2300 rpm 2100 rpm
Air conditioningliquid-oil
Air filterdry type with dual filter elements
Silenced exhaustSilencer under hood exhaust pipe on cab upright
Engine speed at maximum power1400/1700 rpm 1400/1800 rpm
Maximum torque378 Nm 400 Nm
Torque rise35% 35%
Fuel tank capacity160 L.
Transmissionhydraulic, multi-disc
Shuttlehydraulic, SENSE CLUTCH shift-on-the-go + STOP&GO
N° of speeds5-speed box with mechanical shift, full synchromesh plus 4 ranges (with creeper) H-M-L POWERSHIFT min speed: 0.44 km/h)
Forward speeds60
Reverse speeds60
Maximum speed40 km/h with OVERSPEED at 1900 rpm
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKelectrohydraulically operated
Brakes and steering
Typeoil-immersed multi-disc, hydrostatically operated
Braking action on all 4 wheelsstandard
Parking brakePARK BRAKE
Trailer brakehydraulic braking valve/air-braking system
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumpstandard
Steering angle55°
Hydraulic System
Rear liftelectronic
Rear lift capacity5300-6200 Kg
Pump delivery58 L/min
Hydraulic distributors6 ways 8 ways
Front liftwith double acting cylinders
Front lift capacity1800 Kg
PTO clutchoil-immersed multi-disc (front/rear)
Speed1000 rpm (front) / 540-540ECO-1000-1000ECO rpm (rear)
PTO engagepushbutton electrohydraulic (front) / electrohydraulic (rear)
Cabone-piece structure with 4 uprights, “high visibility” roof, opening windscreen, rear screen wiper, air filter, 4 work lights
On board instrumentationdigital
Air conditioningstandard + ventilation, heating, forced recirculation
Suspensionmechanically adjustable, with seat belt with air suspension and seat belt
Rear tyres480/70 R34 (16.9 R34)
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2340 mm
Weight4200 Kg
Cariageway min.-max.1600-2100 mm (front/rear)
Width min.-max.2050-2458 mm
Length3990 mm
Cab height2660 mm

The code B100 identifies engines designed and built with specific characteristics to ensure compatibility with fuels containing up to 100% biodiesel.

The Overspeed function allows the tractor to be driven on the road at up to 40 Km/h at engine economy speed irrespective of tyre size, for reduced fuel consumption and improved comfort.

Equipped with two Long Life multiplate clutches, this shuttle allows direction inversion at any speed, reducing the time needed for manoeuvres and headland turns.

The innovative Stop&Go system works in conjunction with the Sense Clutch hydraulic reverse shuttle to improve controllability, letting the drive manoeuvre and stop the tractor without using the clutch.




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