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“To progress, farming needs technologically advanced machines.”
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Designed for you and for your farm

Working the land has always been the true test bench. And when you're working in the open field, the stakes are even higher. This is why you can depend on the new, advanced and reliable Fortis.
A mid-to high power class tractor with superior equipment and advanced technology. Fortis is the ideal choice for answering the needs of you work today while thinking about the needs of the future.
But power isn't everything. With a range of many different models designed to cater for the most diverse needs, Fortis is versatile enough to tackle a wide variety of applications. Moreover, the cabs are conceived to offer excellent comfort and ideal working conditions even when working prolonged shifts.
But that's not all: Fortis cares about the environment, too, with low emissions and low consumption without sacrificing superior performance.


"For me, technology is important for everything. And even the farming world needs to evolve."
Looking ahead with passion, knowing that the tractor you chose will always be by your side: this is reliability. But this doesn't mean having to sacrifice productivity and the environment. Technology offers the perfect solution. Fortis is equipped with an SCR exhaust treatment system with AdBlue ®, which significantly reduces emissions without affecting power. The new Deutz Common Rail engine, which matches great performance with low consumption, is available as two versions: a versatile 4 cylinder unit for applications such as sowing and weeding, and a more robust 6 cylinder engine, which is ideal for working in the open field and pulling.
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"How it drives is a real revolution! Efficiency in total comfort. It's just like driving on velvet."
Adapting speed to different conditions is no longer a problem with the CSHIFT robotised shift system available on T7200 models which allows 6 ranges to be managed by simply using the joystick without pressing the clutch pedal, or the new 4-stage Powershift transmission enhanced with the Senseshift system, which ensures smooth, progressive shifts from one stage to another. Fortis reaches its 50 Km/h top speed progressively and readily, and when the maximum speed permitted is 40 Km/h, the transmission maintains an economical engine speed for substantial fuel savings and lower noise. But that's not all. The immediately responsive hydraulic reverse shuttle ensures superbly progressive control and, if needed, there's a supercreeper gear too, to maintain the right speed whatever the conditions.
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Hydraulics, front wheel drive system and differentials

"I demand capability and intelligence."
Fortis has a hydraulic system capable of exceeding any expectations. The base system already has a flow capacity of 83 l/min, and is supplemented by an independent 42 l/min pump for the hydrostatic steering and numerous programmable electrohydraulic distributors. On top of this is the electrohydraulic ASM system, which ensures optimum traction in the field by monitoring speed and steering angles and already steps in at a wheel slippage value of just 25%. Last but not least, the tractor comes equipped as standard with a rear lift with an impressive 9,200 Kg load capacity, and can also be fitted with an optional 4,000 Kg front lift.
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Cab and comfort

"I like comfort. Being comfortable while I'm working is not an optional extra."
The cab is fundamental in a tractor, and Fortis is designed to offer truly impressive and more spacious comfort: with convexpanoramic windows for 320° of visibility, new upholstery with relaxing colours,a glazed roof with sun screen for a clear view of the work area, ergonomic controls. In addition, the multifunctional armrest for managing the main tasks and the innovative iMonitor solution with rear cameraand multimedia systemsprovide simple and intuitive control over all of the vehicle's functions and operating parameters. And then there's the suspension: as well as a choice of mechanical or air spring systems, the tractor can also be configured with an integrated suspension system, which intelligently adjusts the attitude of the cab and front axle.
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Technical Sheet

150.4 160.4 150 160 180 190
Engine typeTCD 4.1 L04 4V Tier 4i TCD 4.1 L04 4V Tier 4i TCD 6.1 L06 4V Tier 4i TCD 6.1 L06 4V Tier 4i TCD 6.1 L06 4V Tier 4i TCD 6.1 L06 4V Tier 4i
Cylinders/Capacity4/4038 no./cc 4/4038 no./cc 6/6057 no./cc 6/6057 no./cc 6/6057 no./cc 6/6057 no./cc
InjectionDCR/1600 bar
Power at rated speed101/137 kW/HP 115/156 kW/HP 101/137 kW/HP 115/156 kW/HP 123/167 kW/HP 135/184 kW/HP
Rated speed2100 rpm
Maximum power110/149 kW/HP 122/166 kW/HP 110/149 kW/HP 122/166 kW/HP 129/175 kW/HP 142/193 kW/HP
Maximum torque605 Nm 672 Nm 605 Nm 672 Nm 740 Nm 820 Nm
Fuel tank capacity230 L. 230 L. 300 L. 300 L. 300 L. 300 L.
ShuttleWet multiplate clutch with modulation control
N° of speeds4
Forward speeds24/24
Reverse speeds40/40
Maximum speed40 km/h - 50 km/h (depending on national restrictions)
Front AXLE suspensionoptional
Brakes and steering
Boost Brakestandard
Trailer brakeoptional
Hydraulic System
Rear liftelectronic
Rear lift capacity9200 Kg
Pump delivery83 L/min (standard) / 120 L/min(optional)
Front liftstandard
Front lift capacity4000 Kg
PTO clutchLoad sensing hydraulic system with variable displacement pump
CabS-Class-2 cab with “warm grey” interior
Front tyres18.4R38 16.9R28 18.4R38 16.9R28 16.9R28 16.9 R30
Rear tyres16.9R24 20.8R38 16.9R24 20.8R38 20.8R38 650/65R42
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2419 mm 2419 mm 2647 mm 2647 mm 2767 mm 2767 mm
Weight5500 Kg 5670 Kg 5740 Kg 5870 Kg 6360 Kg 6660 Kg
Width min.-max.2500 mm
Length4300 mm 4300 mm 4686 mm 4686 mm 4806 mm 4806 mm
Max. effective load9500 Kg 10000 Kg 9500 Kg 10000 Kg 11000 Kg 12000 Kg

The code B100 identifies engines designed and built with specific characteristics to ensure compatibility with fuels containing up to 100% biodiesel.

Equipped with two Long Life multiplate clutches, this shuttle allows direction inversion at any speed, reducing the time needed for manoeuvres and headland turns.

SCR (selective catalytic NOx reduction) is a technology developed to comply with Tier IVi emissions regulations, which also reduces fuel consumption and improves power.


When class-beating equipment is standard.


Born evolved

For the farmer and farm demanding the most advanced technology as standard. A few examples? Closed centre hydraulic system with 120 l/min variable displacement pump with Load Sensing function, and 4 stage Powershift transmission with Automatic system which electronically selects the optimum ratio for each stage and range. The results? Lower consumption and improved engine efficiency.





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