Vineyards and orchards

Vineyards and orchards

Effective and versatile, SAME tractors for the vineyard and fruit orchard strike the perfect balance between performance and compact dimensions

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“Delicate but strong, just like vineyards. That's my ideal tractor.”
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Agile, powerful, manoeuvrable, and in its element between the rows.

Working with orchards and vineyards involves very specialised jobs. This is why there is the Frutteto³, a tractor that understands and responds to the needs of today's farmer. Frutteto³ offers a wide choice of configurations - with cab or platform variants, mechanical or electrohydraulic controls, and different tyre sizes.
Its compact dimensions, incredibly small turning circle and extraordinary manoeuvrability make the Frutteto³ the ideal choice even for applications with very narrow working space and limited headland.
Put simply, efficiency, manoeuvrability and comfort are priorities for the Frutteto³, because it was created with the precise goal of supporting the professional in the pursuit of higher productivity.


The benefits of extreme compactness and superlative performance

With its advanced 3 and 4 cylinder SDF 1,000cc Tier III engines with turbo and intercooler, producing from 82 to 106 HP, the Frutteto³ provides the right answer to a wide variety of different needs with its ideal balance between size and performance. The electronically controlled injection system with a single injector per cylinder maximises engine power while minimising fuel consumption. But that's not all: the hydraulic tappets ensure optimised performance as soon as the engine starts, and all ancillary components are engineered for maximum functionality, facilitated maintenance and compactness.

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Astonishing steering to get you wherever you need to be

An impressively steering angle, short wheelbase, superb grip and manoeuvrability, together with a low centre of gravity, excellent weight distribution and ideal traction even in difficult terrain conditions. These are just some of the characteristics that make the Frutteto³ the right choice for working in restricted spaces. And with a 5 speed transmission available with up to 3 ranges and, if needed, with a supercreeper gear, and the Powershift system, shifts between speeds are performed effortlessly without using the clutch - even under load. The Frutteto³ also includes the Over Speed function - for driving on roads at up to 40 Km/h with the engine at economy speed - and is equipped with a hydraulic reverse shuttle with 2 Long Life multiplate clutches.

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It never falters, whatever you ask it to do.

A tractor created for specific tasks must also have a special hydraulic system to allow the use of different implements without sacrificing lift capacity and delivery rate. This is why the Frutteto³ offers a wide choice of configurations in terms of pumps and the number and position of the distributors, which include 6 and 4 way rear and ventral distributors with separate flow regulator. The arms and tie-rods of the mechanical or electronic rear lift are sufficiently sized to tackle even the heaviest job without difficult. The economic, synchronised PTO is also very versatile, and ensures superlative reliability when using atomisers, side shoot removers and inter-row cultivators, as well as driven axle trailers for transporting on steep slopes. 

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Cab and comfort 

It's so good that you don't want to get off again

For a tractor for specific applications like the Frutteto³, the cab is not an afterthought. The quiet cab boasts an air-sprung seat, an ergonomic driving position and air conditioning system with condenser and cover for maximum efficiency. But the Frutteto³ is not only versatile in terms of mechanicals, technology and specialised capabilities, and there's another important detail that can really make the difference in responding to the specific needs of the job: tyre size and, as a result, the height of the platform. mounted on silent-blocks, depending on the tyres, the platform of the Frutteto³ is available with a height of 24” or 28” from the mudguards. The 28” option is also available for the cab version.

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Technical Sheet

80 90 100 110
Engine typeSDF 1000.3 WTI TIER III SDF 1000.4 WTI TIER III SDF 1000.4 WTI TIER III SDF 1000.4 WTI TIER III
Cylinders/Capacity3/3000 no./cc 4/4000 no./cc 4/4000 no./cc 4/4000 no./cc
InjectionTurbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed60/82 kW/HP 63/85 kW/HP 71/96 kW/HP 78/106 kW/HP
Rated speed2200 rpm 2200 rpm 2200 rpm 2000 rpm
Air conditioningliquid-oil
Air filterdry whit safety cartridge
Silenced exhaustSilencer under hood lateral/vertical exhaust pipe
Engine speed at maximum power1600 rpm
Maximum torque310 Nm 345 Nm 373 Nm 390 Nm
Fuel tank capacity55 L. (with tank in front of engine) / 40 L. (with auxiliary tank under platform)
Transmissionwith hydrostatic control
Shuttlemechanical synchronized/hydraulic with Stop&Go system
N° of speedsSynchronized 5-speed mechanical gearbox 3 ranges with creeper + mini-creeper (min. speed: 0.22 km/h) / Powershift gearbox (3-speed Powershift), 5-speed synchromesh x 3 ranges (with creeper) (min. speed 0.18 km/h)
Forward speeds30/45 with Overspeed
Reverse speeds15/45 with Overspeed
Maximum speedwith Overspeed, up to 50 km/h (limited by statutory regulations to 40 km/h) in both normal and economy modes
Electrohydraulic 4WD and DIFF LOCKelectrohydraulically operated
Brakes and steering
Typeoil-immersed multi-disc clutch
Braking action on all 4 wheelsstandard
Parking brakeindipendent
Trailer brakehydraulic braking valve
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumpwith adjustable steering wheel
Steering angle55° (4WD)
Hydraulic System
Rear liftmechanical / electronic
Rear lift capacity3000 kg
Pump delivery54 L/min / with dual pump 33+25 L/min
Hydraulic distributors4 mid ports, mechanically or electrohydraulically operatedo / 6 with flow regulator
Front liftintegrated
Front lift capacity1500 kg
PTO clutchoil-immersed multi-disc clutch (front/rear)
Speed1000 rpm (front) / 540-540ECO-1000 rpm ground speed P.T.O. (rear)
PTO engagepushbutton electrohydraulic (front/rear)
CabSDF original design, sound-insulated and pressurized, with 4 uprights, rear screen wiper, 4 work lights, activated carbon air filter, external rear view mirrors
Telaio di sicurezzafolding
On board instrumentationdigital display
Air conditioningstandard
Suspensionmechanical adjustment, safety belt / with air suspension, safety belt
Rear tyres320/70 R24 380/70 R24 420/70 R24 420/70 R24
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase1990 mm 2120 mm 2120 mm 2120 mm
Weight2500-2720 kg 2650-3000 kg 2650-3000 kg 2650-3000 kg
Track min-max1165-1442 mm (front)/1139-1637 mm (rear) 1165-1442 mm (front)/1189-1589 mm (rear) 1165-1516 mm (front)/1179-1579 mm (rear) 1165-1516 mm (front)/1179-1579 mm (rear)
Width min.-max.1433-2012 mm 1478-1988 mm 1618-2018 mm 1618-2018 mm
Length3186 mm 3338 mm 3363 mm 3363 mm
Cab height2267 mm 2289 mm 2314 mm 2314 mm
Ground clearance225 mm 225 mm 250 mm 250 mm



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