Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Vineyards, orchards, compacts

Effective and versatile, SAME tractors for the vineyard and fruit orchard strike the perfect balance between performance and compact dimensions

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SAME Frutteto: improving on perfection.

The new SAME Frutteto takes the configurability, comfort and performance of its predecessor to even greater heights. Even with Stage V compliant powertrains, the new Frutteto family retains the same compact dimensions and sloped cowl design contributing to the remarkable success of this series. Alongside already highly acclaimed features such as the HML transmission and the ActiveDrive suspended front axle, the revised range now gains a series of impressive new characteristics such as a cab with an all-flat floor, a Cat.4 filtration system, a choice of new hydraulic system configurations and new transmission options.


Compact, clean technology for class-beating performance.

SAME Frutteto tractors can be equipped with 3 or 4 cylinder FARMotion 35 and 45 engines, offering the customer even more scope to configure the perfect tractor for their needs, choosing a 3 cylinder unit for superlative compactness and a shorter wheelbase, or a 4 cylinder engine, with one of the largest displacements in this class, for maximised performance. Both versions are bristling with high tech solutions such as 2000 bar common rail fuel injection, the PowerCore air filtration system and a viscostatic fan, which help these engines deliver impressive performance while minimising fuel consumption and emissions. The entire exhaust aftertreatment package used to attain compliance with the stringent new Stage V emissions standards has been integrated intelligently into the engine bay area by SAME's engineers to maintain the tapered, sloped cowl profile needed for unobstructed forward visibility.

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The perfect transmissions for any task, whether between the rows or on the road.

Frutteto tractors are available with a choice of transmissions based on either 4 or 5 speed gearboxes, boasting precise, smooth shift action and with ideally spaced gearing for working effectively in range of speeds from 200 m/hour up to a top speed of 40 km/h, achievable at engine economy speed for minimised fuel costs. The transmissions on offer are available with either a mechanical gearbox or with a semi-powershift gearbox with up to 3 powershift ranges, for a total of 45 speeds in both drive directions. Like its predecessor, the new family is also offered as LS versions with mechanical reverse shuttle, or GS versions with hydraulic reverse shuttle. GS models come as standard with the "Comfort Clutch" function, which lets the driver use the clutch by simply pressing a button on the shift lever, and the "Stop&Go" system, allowing the driver to stop and hold the tractor by simply pressing the brake pedal.

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Hydraulics and PTO

The Frutteto hydraulic system: all the flexibility you need for working with a range of different specific implements.

To meet the needs of specialised crop applications such as fruit orchards, vineyards and nurseries, SAME Frutteto tractors are offered with a highly configurable hydraulic system with maximum oil flow rates ranging from 48 to 64 l/min. On all variants, the main circuit feeds oil exclusively to the distributors and lift. A choice of different distributor configurations is also offered to cater for every possible need. In particular, the new belly distributor configuration is tailorable specifically for the customer's requirements. Boasting an impressive lift capacity of 3940 kg, the rear lift is capable of tackling the heaviest of loads, while the front lift is available with a capacity of up to 1500 kg.

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Ergonomically designed, comfortable cab interiors for unrivalled driving pleasure.

A spacious cabin offering extraordinary comfort and visibility in any working conditions. The cab floor is completely flat, while the controls are organised rationally and intuitively on the new console. The fully adjustable steering column lets operators of any stature find the perfect driving position. The pressurised cab is also available with a Category 4 air filtration system to protect the operator when applying protective crop treatments. The generous glazing made possible by the 4-pillar cab structure, extended windscreen and opening rear roof panel ensure superlative all-round visibility in all working conditions.

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Technical Sheet

Engine typeFARMotion 35 FARMotion 35 FARMotion 45 FARMotion 45 FARMotion 45
Cylinders/Capacity3/2887 n°/cc3/2887 n°/cc4/3849 n°/cc4/3849 n°/cc4/3849 n°/cc
Injection2000 bar
Power at rated speed63,5/89 kW/HP 71,1/97 kW/HP 66,4/90 kW/HP 74/101 kW/HP 85/116 kW/HP
Maximum power67/91 kW/HP 75/102 kW/HP 70/95 kW/HP 78/106 kW/HP 85/116 kW/HP
Engine speed at maximum power1400 rpm
Brakes and steering
Steering angle60°
Hydraulic System
Rear lift capacity3130 kg (std)
Front lift capacity1500 kg
Dimensions and weights
Weight3290-3880 mm
Width min.-max.1441-1671 mm
Length90-100: 3812 mm; 100-105-115: 3942 mm
Cab height2520 mm
Max. effective load5200 kg


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