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“A new type of agriculture is coming and I want a tractor ready for it.”
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The perfect combination of power and lightweight.

In addition to inheriting all the features and technologies that have distinguished the Dorado range, the new SAME Dorado Stage V models offer new features designed to maximise productivity and comfort. The optimum power-to-weight ratio makes these tractors perfect for all seeding and haymaking tasks, while the overall compactness also makes these tractors ideal for working in orchards, hop fields and vineyards with wide trellises.


"I want to rely on an engine designed for my work."

The Dorado Stage V range has been revamped with FARMotion 45 engines designed specifically for agricultural use: namely, compact, efficient and with minimal maintenance requirements. Equipped with a high-pressure common rail injection system, they provide high performance, constant power and torque curves, even at low engine speeds, specifically designed for agricultural applications. Despite having one of the most generous displacements in its category, the FARMotion 45 has particularly compact external dimensions, ensuring a sloping and compact hood to maximise the visibility and agility of the machine. The Dorado 75 is compliant with the Stage V requirements without the need of using AdBlue or other additional fluids. This, combined with 600 h maintenance intervals, allows to keep the running cost at minimum levels. As per the other SAME Stage V models, even Dorado are officially certified for run with HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) fuel, allowing the farmers to reduce CO2 emissions in their agricultural activities.

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"A tractor that's so simple and safe to manoeuvre makes any job easier."

Dorado offers different gearbox configurations to enhance its versatility, efficiency and ease of use: from the mechanical 30+15 gearbox to the 3-stage Powershift for a total 45 forward and reverse speeds. For manoeuvring with even greater safety and precision, all models with the hydraulic reverse shuttle (GS) also feature the Stop&Go system, which lets the driver stop and hold the tractor with the brake pedal only and set off again seamlessly and without jolting. Together with SenseClutch - which allows to set 5 shuttle responsivness - Stop&Go makes Dorado the perfect tractors for front loader applications. Also on the road handling is excellent thanks to the Overspeed solution that makes it possible to reach 40 km/h in ECO (economy) mode.

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Hydraulic system

“I want a tractor that is efficient and cost effective.”

To allow the best use of equipment, Dorado has a 54 l/min pump and three 6-way auxiliary distributors with flow regulator. As option, a double pump layout system is available, resulting in a  68 l/min flow fully dedicated to spool valves and rear lift. In any case, a specific pump for power steering is always installed, allowing smooth turning even when raising the lift or with spool valves engaged. Rear lift is available in two configuration: the standard one with mechanical control ensuring precise and accurate position, draft and mix controls and the optional electronic control, which always offers external controls on fenders and the vibration damping system during high-speed transfers. Dorado are now available with Light and Ready Kit to easily install a front loader.

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"Impressive performance and efficiency."

The choice of PTO configurations offered is yet another aspect of the new Dorado family geared for maximised versatility and efficiency. 540 rpm and 540 ECO modes, engaged progressively by an electrohydraulic clutch, are standard on all versions, while both groundspeed and 1000 rpm modes are available as options, as are practical and quickly interchangeable removable output stub shafts. To take the versatility of the Dorado to even greater heights, allowing the use of front implements and tasks utilising both front and rear mounted implements simultaneously, a front PTO with the universal 1000 rpm speed mode is also available.

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"Unparalleled safety."

Both the front and rear axles equipping the Dorado Stage V family are designed and constructed specifically by SAME for these models. These axles combine a remarkable compact structure, for nimble agility, with extraordinary sturdiness and reliability. Measuring just 1500 mm in width from flange to flange, the front axle features built-in wet disc brakes.

True all-wheel braking and improve safety at high road speeds and on gradients. For maximised traction even in the worst terrain conditions, both the front and rear axles are equipped with 100% lockable differentials. The differential locks and 4WD are engaged and disengaged from two practical buttons on the right hand console.

To cater for the needs of a wide range of applications, the tractors of the Dorado V family are available with a huge choice of agricultural tyres, fitted either on conventional adjustable rims or innovative Waffle rims, which are specially shaped to minimise wheel vibration at high road speeds. Municipal tyres and innovative PneuTrac tyres, which offer a generously sized ground contact footprint in spite of their narrower width, are available as options.

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"Comfort and all-round visibility, that's what I want."

Dorado delivers outstanding comfort. The four-upright cab provides excellent visibility in all directions and a comfortable and ergonomic working environment. The driver's seat has air suspension to perfectly adapt to the weight and height of the driver and all the controls are at your fingertips. Two roof versions are available, the standard version enhances the compactness of the tractor, while the 'high visibility' version enhances upward front visibility. The new InfoCentre+ dashboard gives a further fresh and updated look inside the cab. The InfoCentre+ features two main gauges and a 3.5" LCD colour display.

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Technical Sheet

75 95 105
Engine typeFARMotion 45
Cylinders/Capacity4/3849 n°/cc
InjectionCommon Rail / Turbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed54.8/74 kW/HP 66.4/90 kW/HP 74/101 kW/HP
Rated speed2200 rpm
Maximum power55.4/75 kW/HP 70/95 kW/HP 78/106 kW/HP
Engine speed at maximum power2000 rpm
Maximum torque359 Nm 389 Nm 433 Nm
Fuel tank capacity85 l
ShuttleMechanical Shuttle (LS) / Hydraulic reverse power shuttle (GS)
N° of speeds30+15 / 45+45 (with HML 3-powershift)
Maximum speed40 km/h
Brakes and steering
Braking action on all 4 wheelsSTD
Trailer brakeHydraulic - Dual Mode / Pneumatic
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pumpSTD
Hydraulic System
Rear liftMechanical (STD)/Electronic (OPT)
Rear lift capacity3000 kg / 3600 kg (OPT)
Pump delivery54 l/min / 64 l/min
Hydraulic distributors3
Front liftOPT
Front lift capacity2100 kg
Cab4 pillars cab with flat floor
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2271 mm
Width min.-max.1800 - 2200 mm
Max. effective load5200 kg


Tractor Tractors