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Designed to last

The TIGER range of multi-purpose tractors by SAME offers an excellent balance between performance and reliability. Favourably compact and versatile, TIGER tractors are the ideal ally in a wide variety of operations: from general farm tasks to hay-making and from livestock farming to light duty applications in the open field. With its short wheelbase, and with 2 or 4 wheel drive, this tractor epitomises agility and manoeuvrability.


High productivity, low consumption

Powered by water cooled 3 or 4 cylinder SDF Stage I Series 1000 engines, the Tiger delivers excellent productivity in return for low fuel consumption. An injection system delivering fuel to the individual cylinders with very short injection times and at high pressure ensures compliance with Stage I legislation. The special configuration of the combustion chamber produces a high degree of swirl to mix the incoming air perfectly with the fuel and optimise combustion.

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Simple, functional and extremely intuitive

Simple, functional and extremely intuitive. These are just some of the strengths of the Tiger, a tractor created to be versatile and efficient and, above all, to respond to the different needs that the small farm contends with every day.

Offering excellent performance and reliability the SDF transmission of the Tiger range match all the applications.
The transmission is mechanical with forced lubrication, and has a synchromesh gearbox giving 12 forward + 3 reverse speeds. On the road, the 4-speed gears with 30 km/h top speed will significantly reduce transport and transit times.

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Efficient PTO for all applications

The power of a SAME engine does more than just turn the wheels. With a 540 rpm power take-off installed, TIGER models can be used to perform countless tasks both in the fi elds and around the yard: soil preparation, haymaking, irrigation, even rice-paddy cultivation (made possible by fi tting a special kit with waterproof seals). The inclusion of an economy PTO speed (540 Eco) is especially advantageous. Delivering just as much power as is needed to drive lighter machines, the engine can run at a signifi cantly lower crankshaft speed, saving fuel and producing fewer emissions.

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Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system: versatility and multi-capability

 The hydraulic lift is equipped with position, draft, fl oat and mix control functions, whilst the sturdy three point linkage is able to guarantee a lifting capacity up to 3600 kg, so that a wide range of implements can be utilized.
The operating equipment package of TIGER models is completed by a hydraulic system with a 33 or 42 l/min pump and 2/4/6-way auxiliary spool valves. Also helping to maximize the durability and reliability of the main hydraulic system, moreover, is the fact that the hydrostatic power steering utilizes an independent pump, ensuring a light and fl uid steering action, and complete functionality even at low running speeds.

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Durability and safety: the prerequisites for toughness

 To guarantee maximum comfort and safety, on SAME Tiger are available also front brakes in oil bath. An hydraulic trailer brake can be also equipped the Tiger 80.4 models.

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Intelligently designed details and simplified maintenance

 The style, lights and driver zone of the Tiger immediately reveal that this is a tractor that offers much more than the functionality expressed in the ergonomic layout of the levers and in an instrument panel designed to ensure clear visibility of all the instruments at all times. And with a single piece hood openable from a button on the front of the tractor, which allows access to all the mechanical and electronic components, the Tiger is also conceived to simplify regular maintenance.

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Technical Sheet

60 80.4 80.4+
Engine typeStage I Stage I Stage I
Cylinders/Capacity3/3000 n°/cc 4/4000 n°/cc 4/4000 n°/cc
Rated speed2351 rpm 2350 rpm 2350 rpm
Maximum power40.5/55 kW/HP 53.7/73 kW/HP 58.8/80 kW/HP
Maximum torque185 Nm 270 Nm 325 Nm
Fuel tank capacity70 l 70 l 70 l
TransmissionSynchronized gearbox
Hydraulic System
Rear lift capacity2600/- kg 2600/3600 kg 2600/3600 kg
Pump delivery33/42 l/min 42/- l/min 42/- l/min
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase1975 mm (4WD/2WD) 2105 mm (4WD/2WD) 2105 mm (4WD/2WD)
Weight2550 kg (4WD) 2800 kg (4WD) 2800 kg (4WD)
Width min.-max.1985-2285 mm 1985-2285 mm 1985-2285 mm
Length3315 mm 3445 mm 3445 mm
Max. effective load4800 kg (4WD) 4800 kg (4WD) 4800 kg (4WD)




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