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“We can rely on high accuracy even in difficult working conditions.”
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Precise working to the centimetre.

Steering systems are becoming increasingly established as a standard in tractors and combines on many farms. The advantages are obvious: saving resources, increasing convenience and productivity as well as reliable, repeatable precision. The farmer can rely on high accuracy even in difficult working conditions such as fog or night time.

Many precision farming applications are based on satellite navigation. The SDF receivers use free, internationally available signals which offer different accuracy levels depending on the correction service and the receiver model.

With three different kinds of receiver, each farmer can decide which system best meets his requirements. The innovative GNSS receivers from SDF are regularly adapted to new situations with firmware updates.

AUTO-TURN makes turning easier

This function allows tractors or combine harvesters to perform automatic turns on the headland. The driver decides which track to turn into. Additionally, different patterns are available – whether for skipping tracks or for filling plots. Apart from the added convenience, this process is also gentle on the headland and makes follow-up runs simple and time-saving Due to faster turnings, farmers and contractors can easily increase their productivity.


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