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« Finally, a manoeuverable tractor that's easy to use, that helps me work without wearing me out. »
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A perfect mix of technology, functionality and comfort

Charisma, authoritativeness and ability to adapt to different work conditions, both on the field and on the road: these are the Explorer3 tractors, tailor-made to meet the most demanding customer's expectations, also thanks to a broad range of models, different technical features and numerous types of equipment. The Explorer³, in fact come with two or four-wheel-drive, with platform or cab and in different versions. Ideal for facing all jobs out in the fields, from ploughing to passing over jobs, from hay harvest to combined applications, the Explorer³ set themselves apart for corporate jobs as well, where they make the most of their manoeuverability, ease in handling and speed on the road thanks to an actual 40 km/h.


« Power when needed, exactly when I needed it. »

Refined power: this is the characteristic that defines the advanced engines in the Explorer3 E range with 4 naturally aspirating cylinders, turbo and turbo intercooler, capable of combining consistently high performance with specific reduced consumption. These results can be achieved through innovative technological solutions applied during design: the injection system is one of a kind, the SDF engines in fact can be mounted on a single injection pump per cylinder. This guarantees instant injection and a particularly high working pressure, optimising performance and consumption.

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« User-friendly and simple when choosing the ideal speed. »

A simple and user-friendly transmission makes the Explorer³ E tractors capable of facing a broad range of farm jobs: from preparation of the ground to the harvest, from transplanting to hay harvest, from corporate jobs to transportation. There are four possible configurations for the transmission: a mechanical 15+15 gearshift, with five gears for three ranges, a practical gearshift with five gears for 4 ranges of work with super-reducer, which offers 20 gears in front, and 20 in back. Or, exclusive gearshift with HI-LO which allows you to double what you can do on the field, with a simple and intuitive movement of your hand: a touch of two buttons on the shift lever in fact lets the operator rapidly and fluidly go from a normal speed to a low one, under a load, and without the use of the clutch, increasing the total number of gears to 30+30 or 40+40. By pressing the button on the shift lever, gear shifts are performed smoothly and progressively without pressing the clutch pedal, offering even greater comfort. Lastly, to make transportation and road travel rapid and convenient, the Explorer³ E goes 40 km/h, obviously all under the maximum safety of the braking system, with four-plate wet brakes on four wheels.

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Hydraulics « The best energy for doing whatever you want. »

 The concept of the multipurpose nature of the Explorer³ E is an outstanding combination of pure energy, comfort and efficiency for all jobs that require the use of the lift and hydraulic distributors. The main hydraulic system, powered by an independent 56 L/min pump guarantees high performance and an ever efficient use of all the implements activated hydraulically. The control of the rear hydraulic lift is mechanical or electrohydraulic (optional), with 4/6/8 rear-way auxiliary distributors and a lift capacity that ranges from 4200 to 4800 kg based on the model.

The steering wheel is always easy to turn thanks to a separate pump which controls two dual-effect jacks, which guarantee outstanding protection against accidental crashes. The front axle has a 50° (4WD) and 65° (2WD) steering angle.

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Cab and Comfort 

« The perfect place to spend your time. »

The comfort of the Irons is modern and the result of a series of factors that make the daily work environment pleasant and gratifying. Simplicity of the driving functions, total visibility, sounds and vibrations under control and quality finishes: these are the characteristics that SAME, by tradition, guarantees on all its tractors and that the Irons are the perfect epitome of. All controls are grouped logically by colour so that they may be distinguished by function, located around the driver in a functional, ergonomic way according to how frequently they are used.The standard heating and cooling system always ensures a perfect temperature in the cab, allowing you to adjust the vents separately. To guarantee a pleasant drive both in the field and on the road, the monolithic structure of the cab is constantly kept at the same height as the frame thanks to the self-levelling action of the air suspensions. The front axle is suspended with a system of hydraulic suspensions. Lastly, for maximum safety, the front and rear wet brakes guarantee powerful braking and safety under any circumstances, intervening extremely promptly.

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Technical Sheet

85 90 100 105 115
Engine typeStage I Stage III A Stage I Stage III A Stage II
Cylinders/Capacity4/4000 no./cc
Maximum power62.5/85 kW/hp 65/88 kW/hp 70.6/96 kW/hp 75/102 kW/hp 81/110 kW/hp
Maximum torque257 Nm 345 Nm 342 Nm 376 Nm 396 Nm
Fuel tank capacity150 liters 160 liters 150 liters 160 liters 150 liters
N° of speeds15+15/20+20
Maximum speed40 km/h
Hydraulic System
Rear lift capacity3250 kg 4300 kg 4200 kg 5300/6200 kg 4800 kg
Dimensions and weights
Wheelbase2310/2290 mm 2370/2350 mm 2310/2290 mm 2380/2400 mm 2340/2320 mm
Weight3731-4100 kg 3567-4120 kg 3731-4100 kg 4067-4620 kg 4107-4660 kg
Width min.-max.2050-2458 mm 2050-2458 mm 2050-2458 mm 2320-2340 mm 2320-2340 mm


A wide choice of versions to cater for all possible needs - your individual needs.



Efficient practicality

In the GS version, the four-wheel braking and the hydraulic reverse shuttle are standard features. The hydraulic reverse shuttle offers important technological innovation which allows the direction of all speeds to be changed, significantly saving time during manoeuvres and headland turns. The lever of the shuttle, placed under the steering wheel, is ergonomic and user-friendly. It is equipped with a "neutral" position and approval system, to guarantee complete operating safety. By pressing the Comfort Clutch button on the shift lever, gear shifts are performed smoothly and progressively, offering even greater comfort. A response selector integrated on the control lever of the hydraulic reverse shuttle lets the driver set a more or less direct shuttle action.





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