iMonitor3 The central control element

“We can't afford not to use state of the art technology today, even when it comes to using a tractor.”
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Full control of the tractor and its work.

The iMonitor3 is the central control element for all important applications in tractors and combine harvesters. This includes tractor settings, automatic steering systems, ISOBUS implement control and data management.

All settings and functions are clearly displayed on a user interface. State of the art touch screen operation, optionally with external MMI control – conveniently integrated into the armrest – make the iMonitor3 a highly practical interface between tractor, implement, driver and office. Integrated functions, such as quick guides and symbol explanations, and a clear menu structure ensure very simple operation. If any questions on operation should still remain open, the driver can also obtain support through a remote service.

Depending on the tractor type and level of options , two monitor sizes are available: the largest tractor terminal on the market with 8”.

XTEND expands the display to mobile devices

Although all functions are already clearly displayed on the iMonitor, some tasks such as the operation with several functions of an ISOBUS implement require implement to be monitored simultaneously. As an alternative to a second monitor, the XTend function can be used to easily connect external devices such as tablets to the iMonitor with a WLAN connection. The XTend app can be used to either display the guidance application or for full control of all ISOBUS-UT functions. Another benefit: the WLAN connection allows the tablet to be taken outside of the cab, e.g. when conducting a calibration test on a seed drill. 

Remote Support

If the farmer needs support quickly, e.g. for function settings directly on their machine, the dealership can simply use Remote Support to log into the iMonitor with the driver’s permission and provide support for optimising the settings. This allows to minimize down-time by having fast support to set functionalities and check correct operations on the tractor.


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