The new Frutteto Natural Range

A breed for Specialists.


Hanover (Germany), 12 November 2017

The highly specialised capabilities of the SAME Frutteto tractor range are now available in a choice of new "Natural" versions powered by FARMotion Stage III B engines.

The new Frutteto Natural Stage III B tractors are essential machines with the same superior efficiency and reliability as the rest of the SAME Frutteto family. The Natural range consists of two 3 cylinder models (70 and 80) and one 4 cylinder model (80.4), all with turbo-intercooled engines with electronically controlled 2000 bar common rail injection. While compact in size, FARMotion engines deliver impressive performance and fuel economy with torque reserves of up to 42%, these units offer efficiency comparable with the best engines in this class.

The layout of the engine compartment has been optimised to allow easy access for maintenance of these high-tech engines.

An extraordinary choice of modular transmission configurations is offered, while the transmissions are essentially mechanical, for maximised simplicity, efficiency and reliability. The extensive choice includes transmissions based on gearboxes with 4 or 5 intelligently spaced speeds matched with 2 or 3 ranges and available with optional creeper and underdrive gears.

The mechanically controlled independent rear PTO is available as a base version with the standard 540 rpm speed mode and 540 ECO mode, which increases the versatility of the tractor and saves fuel when using the PTO for light duty tasks. A ground speed mode (Synchro) is also available.

Also conceived for total simplicity, reliability and efficiency, the hydraulic system uses an 18 l/min pump to supply oil exclusively to the hydraulic steering system, for unparalleled safety and smooth steering action even at the lowest engine speeds, and a gear pump with a maximum delivery rate of 42 l/min to feed the rear lift and rear hydraulic distributors (available in 2, 4 or 6-way configurations).

The rational and linear design of the new driver zone makes the driver feel immediately at ease, and features SAME's tried and tested colour-coded scheme, with controls organised in a functional, ergonomic layout allowing the driver to identify them immediately and intuitively with no guesswork.

Frutteto Natural







Stage III B

Cylinders / Capacity

3/2887 3/2887 4/3849

Maximum Power (HP)

65 75 75

Maximum Torque (Nm)

292 342 353

Wheelbase (mm)

1996 1996 2126

Maximum permissible load (kg)

4200 4200 4350